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    Due to a recurrent infection early this year, I was put on various antibiotics in an attempt to avoid surgery. In the end, I ended up having to have surgery so it really was all so unecessary. I was never told of the problems that could arise from antibiotic use and went on to eat a poor diet, never replenishing my good bacteria. Since the summer, I’ve been left with a vaginal yeast infection that won’t budge. Diflucan didn’t help and neither did strong pessaries. My digestive system and mood have suffered too in the past few months. I feel so agitated all the time and easily overwhelmed since the summer too. My doctor recommended me to go on the candida diet having it clear her of recurring UTI and vaginal yeast infections. Since I’m in my final year of school, she recommends I start it after February when my mock exams are over. I’m just wondering if any of you would recommend I switch from the combined pill to a progesterone only pill? I’ve read oestrogen levels can aid yeast growth. I’m really hoping the diet alone will help. Any advice would be appreciated starting out. Should I wait until my finals are over in June to start the diet for real? I don’t want it worsening my already compromised concentration levels! I’m 18 and just wanting to tackle this before it becomes a long-term problem. Thanks


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    You should ask your doctor about taking or switching the pill. Honestly, I dont recommend you take it at all. It wreaks havoc on the body. A true candida cleanse is TOUGH.. you need to have time to rest and feel ill, because at first, you will undoubtedly feel quite ill… it’s part of the initial die off symptoms. Do it when you can dedicate 100% to it. Hopefully, within about 7-10 days, you begin to feel better. My nephew needed about 2-3 weeks before he felt some relief. Best of luck to you..

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