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    night J
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    Hi all! So, I have had chronic sinusitis for the last 6 months. Prior to these last couple months, about 3/4 yrs ago I went to an allergist when i had similar sinus issues and wasn’t allergic to anything (pollen, plants, foods, dander, etc). i came to the conclusion it might be gluten and dairy (i was getting hives, acne and sinusitis) and those problems went away almost immediately once I cut them out. It wasn’t until 6 months ago i began to have sinus issues again. Cut to 2 weeks ago, I was tired of sinusitis, and wanted to know what else i was sensitive to so i took an iGg test- turned out i was intolerant of everything i was eating pretty much (coconut, cashew, spinach, kale….yikes 🙁 ) but not gluten and dairy anymore! so i kind of confirmed for myself that suggested leaky gut, and the more and more i researched- candida seemed to be linked to sinusitis and wheezy coughs like id been having! i was also most sensitive to yeast on my igG test…..i have not had any of the other symptoms like yeast infections, thrush, digestive issues etc…..but have had fatigue, some anxiety and again, the sinusitis. i cut out all the additional foods i was sensitive to and have cut out all sugar/alcohol/starch/grain/legumes etc (and continue to not eat gluten/dairy) and have begun anti fungals and enzymes 2 weeks ago, just starting probiotics now. i feel better in terms of energy and have experienced some relief but i am still really congested everyday. is 2 weeks too soon to expect change? has anyone else experienced candida like i have? is this even candida?


    Headless Horse
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    I can’t answer most of your questions, but I suggest you use a neti pot at least once every 2-3 days. Get a plastic one (they don’t break when dropped) and a box of salt packets to go with it. Making your own salt/baking soda solution is tedious and messy.

    I think years of being prescribed anti-biotics as a child for sinus infections contributed to my leaky gut / candida problems. I’ve had sinus surgery, so I can speak with a little bit of authority on this subject. Using the neti pot can help prevent and get rid of bacterial sinus infections. Try it out for yourself.


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    I recommend professional help to get better because its hard to say what you are dealing with. You are going to need a specialized treatment plan for your symptoms. There are over a dozen ways to fight yeast and I would research it as good as possible, but you have other problems besides yeast.


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    About “leaky gut” I can’t help, but about your sinus infections I advise eating food with lots of pepper. I’m living in a new place where sinusitis problems are common due to high air humidity and pollution, then I started to eat spicy foods and everytime I eat pepper it’s crazy, my nose starts pouring all that water that was blocked inside. I also used cotton-tips to insert a little bit of pepper inside my nose, let it sit up there for a while, and resist temptation to blow it out, let it burn there. Since then, I didn’t suffered from blocked nose anymore, while before it was a daily thing. Now it never happens anymore. I hope works for you too.

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