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    Only to alert you about the cholesterol. My numbers are going high because I eat too much eggs and yogurt. Both have to be out for a while.


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    I was just wondering this the other day because I was told to limit eggs to few per week and now I eat few per day. I didn’t want to ask stupid questions on the forum. I had slightly higher cholesterol last summer (not to be worried about but a warning kind of elevation) but was fine on last checkup (before the diet). I was kind of hoping that all the other good stuff we eat is kind of eliminating the fact that we are eating this many eggs. I guess I was wrong.

    But what else to do for protein if not taking eggs? Fish? How much of that can we eat?


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    What numbers in particular? Did your doc test for HDL and LDL and for large vs small LDL as well as oxidised LDL levels? The typical “cholesterol test” is meaningless, kind of like cholesterol’s role in predicting heart disease. There are so many more relevant markers that it’s amazing it’s still tested at all. It’s also a lot more complicated than how much yoghurt and egg yolk you consume, but any underlying causes supposedly aren’t important as long as we eat less cholesterol-containing foods, right? A theory that’s made a lot of people a lot of money, but has done absolutely nothing to stem the uncontrollable flow of heart disease. In fact, it’s only helped make it worse.

    You might find this article informative if you’re concerned, but you can read about what a crock the Lipid Hypothesis is all over the place, and could’ve done for the past few decades.


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    I was always under the assumption that free range organic eggs were cholestrol free (well dangerous cholestrol anway).

    Is lecithin ok on the diet does anyone know? Able? (poor Able)


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    How many eggs per day did you used to eat? How much yogurt?

    Did you get tested?



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    I had my annual doctor/lab visit about ten days ago. After about nine months of eating eggs every day, up to six a day, my cholesterol and blood pressure both have lowered significantly. This has taken place even though neither of these were above average at the time I started eating eggs, yogurt, and kefir as my only protein sources. I attribute this to lecithin, a substance that is plentiful in egg whites.

    According to the “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” and the “Journal of the American Dietetic Association” a study performed in 2003 showed that, when delivered in egg whites, lecithin lowered cholesterol in test patients by an average of 38 percent.

    Chilli, as you see, you get plenty of lecithin in your eggs, however, a supplement of lecithin is more than acceptable with the diet.



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    I have been drinking almost a liter of plain yogurt diary. I don’t eat too much eggs directly but I eat coconut bread diary that has a lot of eggs.

    The high cholesterol is caused by the dysbiosis. Before I got sick, I had it perfect and I was overweight, now is high, and went up in 4 months significantly.

    These are the numbers:

    Cholesterol Total 291 reference range 125 – 200
    HDL Cholesterol 55 > 40
    LDL Cholesterol 207 < 130

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