CHLOROQUINE (the malaria drug) IS THE CURE!!!!

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    This is the link to my old forum thread:

    So that I do not need to repeat myself.

    I am more adament than ever that Chloroquine is the cure.

    I just proved it again to myself just last week when I had a flare up (I had to take antibiotics to treat a UTI and got lazy with the probiotics). I was away for work and had left my Chloroquine at home (I am going to make a point of taking it with me everywhere now!) as well as my S.Boulardii capsules which I take as well to keep on top of things if I am anticipating a big weekend or something! Well two weeks of candida and the symptoms got bad again (I was being lazy with the diet and indulging in m&m’s purely because I knew the Chloroquine would fix me up when I eventually got home!) It proved itself once again by clearing it all up after maybe a week all up. No die off effects for me this time because it hadn’t yet become systemic.

    And tonight I just went out for dinner and had a lovely meal polished off with some banana fritters with vanilla bean ice cream 🙂

    Please read my old forum thread for more info and discussion and check with a doctor before popping a couple of Chloroquine pills: it’s one hardcore drug with die-offs effects to match!!

    And spread the word please!!!


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    Thanks for sharing your story.

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