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    Oh man, wish I had known this a long time ago!! Just had a batch of the most awesome TURNIP chips!!! Woo Hoo!! So yummy, you guys have to try it!! Somebody also posted that you can make Kale chips too!

    I’ll have to run out and get some Kale tomorrow!

    Sliced up the turnip thinly, put in a bowl and put my garlic infused EVOO on it, with s.salt and pepper. Put them on a lined cookie sheet and baked at 375 (flipping around every 10 mins or so). The thin ones got kinda really brown almost burnt looking, but were still awesome! So I decided to turn the heat down, then I couldn’t wait any longer, so I broiled them. STILL AWESOME!

    Great flavor! I would put up a picture, but I don’t know how! 🙂 Next time I might try a lower heat for a longer time so they can dry out a bit more and have some crunch! You can also do this with rutabaga, but I hear you can get some pretty serious die-off with that, so don’t go crazy on that one!!

    Anyways, will make a great addition to the snack section, which is almost ah….none!! HA!!! Will be making lots of these!!!! 🙂


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    Hubs is doing kale chips tonight maybe. So.excited. lol! Thanks for sharing the turnip recipe. I have some in the fridge.


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    Those sound great!
    You can also make them with zuchinni. A little coconut oil on them works well before they go in the oven.

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