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    When a child is suffereing from a Candida overgrowth, just cutting out all sugar products and cutting down on the carbs can help them considerably because no one, including children need the amount of sugar or carbs that’s found in an average diet.

    You can use pure virgin coconut oil to cook with and also add it to any foods that you possibly can for the child to ingest.

    Dairy is one of the main food products that should normally be removed from the diet. Of course children need calcium, so a healthy and perfect replacement is kefir. You can purchase the Lifeway brand of kefir which is carried by some health food stores as well as supermarkets. Purchase the plan type and if you need to, you can add Stevia to it for a more palliative taste. It’s usually found in the yogurt section of supermarkets. If you’re unaware of what kefir is, it’s a fermented milk drink similar to yogurt, but stronger. Kefir can help a lot to build the beneficial bacteria communities in your system much more sufficiently than yogurt can. Also, unsweetened coconut milk is closer to human breast milk than any other type; it just doesn’t contain the same amount of protein.

    As far as a detox period or cleanse for children is concerned, I don’t believe that a cleanse is safe for children.

    If the child is not already eating organic chicken, then it’s fine to add this as well as coconut or oat bran bread to the diet, but I would still try to limit animal meat to chicken or fish most of the time, and leave beef and pork out of their diet as much as possible. The ammonia released by the meat protein will have a detrimental effect on the treatment. If they eat eggs, I would definitely purchase organic eggs only. Of course, organic means that they will not be ingesting hormones or antibiotics.

    There’s a chance that a child will experience die-off symptoms sometime during their treatment. Candidate made by Native Remedies will help this considerably and can be given to children age four and over. The instructions are children ages 4-11 can take 1 drop per year of age, 3 times daily. This will greatly lessen the effects of die-off. For more information as well as the ingredients the link is:

    In the end, no matter what else is done, the environment of the intestines will have to be changed in order to cure the Candida infestation. The only thing that can do that is an abundance of beneficial bacteria supplied by a good probiotic in addition to the intake of daily kefir; only these sources are able to build the flora in the intestines in the numbers that are needed, and in the end, this will be the cure for the infestation. The diet is used to stop feeding the Candida and limit the population growth of the infestation while the beneficial bacteria are multiplying to a number which will be able to bring about a change to the environment and ultimately destroy the Candida albicans cells. Finding a good children’s probiotic which is strong enough to do this is imperative to the cure.

    If you look at liquid forms, be sure to read the entire list of ingredients and run the list by the forum before making your purchase.


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