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    HI everyone,
    I am just going to write out some of the good that is coming out of being on a candida diet/supplements here on this post and feel free to add any from your own journey as well! : D I believe sometimes we need to step out of all the negative and just take in some of the positive so we feel more connected and not so overwhelmed.

    So grateful to have found this site and so many wonderful new friends with so much knowledge to share! Thank you! It is easier to get through all this will supports, something I never really had when dealing with this. So thank you everyone. I am grateful! : D

    ..and some accomplishments…
    I am happy to report after just 2 weeks on the diet that my heart has only skipped a beat once in the past week! This is great!
    My sinuses are draining constantly and there is no more pressure in them! YAY!
    My ‘downstairs’ is also draining almost constantly which it never did before so much be a good thing! YAY!
    And I am starting to feel less anxious and starting to sleep like a baby : D
    Still a long way to go but I am hopeful and grateful!! : D

    Have a great day everyone!

    : )


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    Hi Julia,

    I to am at the start of my anti-candida journey! been doing the diet for approximately 2 months, and taking lots of vitamins and minerals as well as hydrchloric acid. this alone made me feel excellent! then i started to introduce antifungals and probiotics. i took caprylic acid 350mg twice a day, and allicin twice a day, then after 5 days double the quantities, along with bee propolis twice a day, then after two weeks i swapped to oil of oregano twice a day and grapefruit seed extract twice a day (still with bee prop), again doubling quantities after 5 days.

    i was feeling excellent, but was still struggling with thrush (vaginal), although i was managing it using coconut oil and apple cider vinegar applied topically (undiluted – ouch!) then all of a sudden the thrush went and i was on cloud 9! but now its back. and i’m worried the temporary relief was hormone related and not down to my anti-fungals. so after 2 months of feeling great i’ve had a bit of a crash. i sometimes feel hopeless and that the thrush will never leave me.

    but your post inspired me, i know i have a long way to go, but until 2 days agao i’ve felt the best i have in years, small relapses or plateaus are to be expected i guess. so i am trying to stay positive. i know what is wrong with me and i hopefully know how to heal myself, so for that i am very grateful!! i’ve just registered so that i could respond to your post, and i’m now off to ask some questions about upsurges vs. dieback as i’m not sure which of those my recent thrush outbreak is.

    good luck in your healing xx


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    Keep it up Julia. Eventually you might want to sleep more lol.

    The thrush will continue to come and go for many months typically unless you have a lighty infected.

    Are you monitoring your heart with some kind of heart monitor?



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    Haha I guess the term ‘sleeping like a baby’ means I’m probably not getting much sleep at all but I am! 😛

    No heart monitor. it is very obvious when my PVC’s and PAC’s act up. I have been on monitors before and it has been confirmed by two different doctors before. They could never tell me what was causing it though.

    However after my first detox my heart was very very happy for almost an entire year! I am looking forward to this once again!

    GRATEFUL THAT IT’S PAYDAY! YAY! lol (ungrateful for snow storm..booo)

    : )

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