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    I just wanted to give everyone a warning about this diet. Please do not under any circumstances start restricting your food intake in an effort the recover from candida. Heres my story:

    I have been battling candida for about 10 years now. About two years ago I decided enough was enough and that I would do whatever I took to get better. So in an effort to kill off the yeast I began eating a diet of soups, salads, chicken breast, and vegetables. I thought the less I ate and less carbs i ate the more the candida would die off and I would feel better. I gave no thought to how many calories or how much fat or carbs I was getting per day. I have managed to kill off about 95% of the candida and I dont have the digestive problems anymore. Now for the bad news.

    I have now developed a serious case of anorexia and severe adrenal fatigue in the process. My adrenals have been working overtime to produce cortisol in an effort to keep my blood sugar stable since I was starving to death. My doctor sent me to the hospital about a week ago as my weight was down to 128 pounds and Im a 6’0, 34 year old male. I am now on an outpatient basis and have gained about 7 pounds in the last week since they started me on a 3000 calorie diet. I estimated I was only eating 800-1000 calories while following a strict candida diet. They want me to work up to about 4500 calories over the next couple weeks in an effort to get some energy back. I just hope I havent done permanent damage to my body as Im having alot of chest pains, and heart palpitations now.

    Please be extremely careful on this diet. I wish I would have known this would happen 2 years ago when i started. You cannot live off chicken breast and cauliflower every day. Please make sure you are getting sufficient calories per day. Lots of meat, coconut bread, buckwheat, etc should do fine.

    I just want everyone who reads this to realize you cannot starve the yeast off by starving yourself in the process.


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    I know what you mean, i’ve lost 60lb myself(didn’t need to lose any either 6’3 200). I think it’s important to count calories just to see how much you are getting, especially if you’re active. I was having a very low calorie intake and losing a couple pounds a week. Once i started adding in 3-4 TB of coconut oil/3-4TB of olive oil (spread throughout the day) I stopped losing weight.


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    I gave no thought to how many calories or how much fat or carbs I was getting per day.

    What you stated above was your only problem, and that decision had nothing to do with the diet.

    You cannot live off chicken breast and cauliflower every day

    I don’t believe I’ve see anything on this website or the forum that would suggest to anyone that they attempt to live off of
    chicken and cauliflower every day.



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    Able has always stressed in whatever post I read regarding the importance of calorie intake.

    Changing your diet completely is extremely daunting and learning how to cook/incorporate 90 percent new foods into your life is hard as hell. So in the beginning, I just picked the easiest things to eat and ate them all the time. That is the wrong thing to do. You need a variety. Just eating salads everyday is not going to cut it and of course you will lose a ton of weight.

    The complexity of changing your diet and learning how to still keep your calorie intake at a normal level has nothing to do with the diet.


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    Well I wouldn’t blame it on the diet but blame it on not eating enough food. Were you eating 3-4 course meals daily with snacks between meals? This is a lot of food to eat and good healthy organic food costs a lot of money. I am not saying its related to money but if you are just barely getting full for the meals you eat and not eating enough, this is potentially harmful like you have experienced.

    I am sorry Ito hear about your story but most people should know when they need to eat more food. If you suffer from energy problems and feel sluggish all of the time…go and eat some food! The variety of food allowed on the diet is vast and don’t pigeon hole yourself into a low variety diet. For instance, foods created in various countries or regions outside of the US are usually relatively healthy and don’t contain many bad ingredients. For instance african food, Caribbean food, indian food, some mexican food, japanese food, etc. are mostly 75% healthy for the diet and contained almost all allowed ingredients. You just need to be concerned about sugars, grains, amount of meat, etc.

    And in your previous posts you stressed the carb and candida link and I’ve told you not to think in this way. You need to feed yourself with carbs to feel relatively good and normal, its something we need in life. Just don’t eat only carbs and you’ll be pretty good. Most people understand basic meal concepts such as having one piece of meat, one portion of carbs, some vegetables, and maybe some bread. Even though the meat is suggested to be consumed in low quantities, some people may need more than this, especially if they have nutritional and/or mineral deficiencies.

    I wish you luck in getting healthier again and you should consider consulting a nutritionist and start exploring whats out there. I am a picky eater too and I need to do it myself as well.



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    I wasnt trying to condemn the diet. The diet in of itself is very healthy and works to get rid of candida when combined with antifungals/probiotics. I have seen fantastic results with the candida. I just wanted to warn everyone not to go to the extreme end of like I did and almost starve to death in the process.

    When I first started the diet I attributed the low energy to die off so I continued to push through although I felt terrible. After a couple weeks of eating really low carb and low calorie my appetite starting getting suppressed to where I didnt care if I ate anything at all. My huge appetite would always keep me out of trouble before.


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    Thanks for the thread jereseib79, as people have stated on this forum it seems most people are aware of keeping on the weight.

    But I think your post was out of kindness, and warning us that we should make sure we don’t lose too much weight/eat nothing, so thanks! And congrats on beating off 95% of the Candida. *high five*

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