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    Causes of Halitosis in Children and Teenagers

    Having a child or teenager with dental supplies chronic halitosis can be a confusing and worrisome ordeal. After all, we want what is best for our kids, and not only can bad breath can lead to teasing and shame… it can also be a sign of an underlying health issue. If you have noticed that your child or teenager’s breath frequently sour or has a potent unpleasant odor, it is time to take action for the sake of ultrasonic scaler their health and their self esteem.

    The most important thing you can do to treat the problem is identify the underlying cause of the bad breath. The most common dental burs culprits include the following:

    Your Child Lacks a Dental Regimen: Kids eat more sugary foods and tend to have a halfhearted commitment to dental care… they are much more interested in other (i.e. fun) activities. If your child is still quite young, you may need to remind your child of their dental regimen and even enforce or incentive it. Over-see their flossing and brushing… make it fun with cool root canal endodontic products or games. For older children and teenagers, communicate openly about the issue, but most importantly, do not shame them. Rather, explain that bad breath can have health and social repercussions and that there are easy ways to avoid the discomfort and embarrassment. The long and short term benefits are worth the small time commitment.

    Your Child is Dehydrated: Super-active kids can forget to drink fluids after rigorous activity. The resulting dehydration can lead to a dental lab equipment dry mouth which creates a very hospitable environment for the anaerobic bacteria that causes bad breath. If your child participates in sports or is particularly active, be sure that they have easy access to water. Water is obviously the best choice, but sugar-free, non-dairy beverages are acceptable if your kid is particularly finicky.

    Your Child is Taking a dental scaler Prescription Medication: Some popular childhood prescription medications such as Ritalin and Adderall have been tied to chronic dry mouth, which often leads to bad breath. The best way to deal with this situation is to provide your child with plenty of low sugar beverages and dry mouth products that stimulate salvia product. Dry mouth remedies come in spray, lozenge / tablet and gum forms… let your child try Autoclave Sterilizer each type and see which one they like best. Kids are surprisingly open to these products.

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