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    Hi all!

    I remember a mention of Cassava here on the site but can’t find it now. Someone had found Cassava chips (crisps). I found some too in my local supermarket but there were all sorts of nasties including yeast extract in them!! Disgusted!

    Anyway, I was trawling the local chinese, african & Indian markets for Teff flour today (didn’t find any unfortunately) but I found Cassava flour. Also a pack of frozen cassava (tapioca) chucks. I bought a small pack of each but just wanted to check are they ok to eat on stage 1?

    I also got red lentils & ghee so am going to start experimenting a bit. Watch this space!



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    Lucy, so sorry I didn’t see this earlier, and it looks like you never received an answer. My books say there are an average of 65 grams of carbohydrates in a half cup of tapioca. Does your package have the amount of carbs that are in the item you purchased? Whatever it is, considering where you are with your treatment, it’s totally up to you as far as whether or not to eat it … or maybe you already have considering it took all day for you to receive an answer.

    I’ve only eaten tapioca once as a pudding, and it didn’t taste like anything I’d ever tasted before; so to use my imagination, I’d say it tasted a bit like ceir-chluaise.



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    Self Nutrition Data says a raw cassava is 38% carbs with 2% sugar and 2% fibre. A pack of Cofresh salted cassava chips is over 70% carbs though.


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    Thanks guys. I didn’t try it yesterday just in case. For some reason I thought I’d seen it being discussed and agreed that it was ok for stage 1. My pack says 88g of carbs per serving and less than 1g of sugar. So now I’m really confused!

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