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    Hi there, I have been looking at some of the recipe’s and a couple of them say Carob powder. Is this ok to use on stage one. I did the cleanse for 2 weeks and now I’m heading into the 2nd week of S1. My symptoms have mostly gone but I am suffering a bit with “Die off” (sore throat, really bad headaches, flu type feeling, excess mucus and saliva, that sort of thing). I don’t want to eat the wrong things to set me back, but I would like some different things to snack on. The Carob powder sounds like it could be used for a number of things. xx thanks xx


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    Hello, Kty.

    People on a Candida diet use carob powder as their own choice, frankly, I’d rather not see it in the recipe section. Carob powder contains 55 to 75 percent sucrose, and of course sucrose is a form of sugar. Many people have no problem with it while many others do.



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    Thanks Able, I’ll leave it alone then. Just trying to find some options to see me through christmas while everyone else is snacking on biscuits and nut,raisen and chocolate drop mixes! All of my favorite recipes are a no go! oh well, the search goes on. lol Im not prepared to spoil all of my hard work so far. xx


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    It’s a high sugar content item; if you ate in once a week or something, probably wouldn’t be too much of a problem. I have been overly cautious on the diet myself and haven’t tried certain things until I feel comfortable personally.


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