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    Hey i’m Mary 25 from Kent England, I have had candida symptoms as far back as i can remember, in my teens i had allergies, rashes, athletes foot, feeling tired and no energy, gum disease, warts and also a bad odor coming from myself. But it is only this past year i’ve found out about candida. We went to numerous doctors to no avail. It was only when i went to see jan de vrice when he said instantly he could smell candida from me. But after getting help from dietitians and numerous different herbs i’m still no further forward. The BAD SMELL is worst part of this and it really gets me down, i could shower 4 times a day and still be smelling bad afterwards, i’ve had to stop socializing with friends because of the jokes and embarrassment of it all. I really wish this would just go away and give me my life back, has anyone else with this had symptoms of bad smell coming from their body? And why is this? Any how to rid it? any ideas to good strong candida killers? Thanks Mary xx


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    Could you describe the bad smell?

    There are a number of digestion disorders that result in the inability to break down some waste products, causing these products to build up to abnormally high levels. This may cause a body smell.

    Depending on the disorder, one may smell like ammonia, or like fish. Other smells are possible too, but I’m not an expert in this field, so I cannot provide you with an exhaustive list.

    Skin and eye color (the white part of the eye) might change as well. But I think there are digestion disorders that do cause a smell without causing a change in the color of the skin or eyes.

    Anyway, if you describe the smell to a doctor, he/she can order a simple blood test for increased levels of some waste product or byproduct. That would give you a clue as to the underlying disorder. Some of them are even easily curable – though some others can only be semi-cured by adhering to a strict diet.

    Anyway, if you haven’t already done so, ask your doctor.


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    Hi, I too have terrible body odour, never used to smell at all, if I have a bath the next day I can stink again, it smells like only what I can describe as a diesel/petrol smell from my armpits and also other times fungus like creamy cheese or something its disgusting

    I also notice if I pick dry hard bits of skin off my lips my finger / the skin smells cheesy . horrible!

    Does this sound like candida?

    Mary, did Jan de Vries give you anything for the candida? I was thinking about going to see him, did it help at all? Its frustrating how there isn’t any tests for candida available on the NHS, how are you supposed to know whether you have it


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    Its like a yeasty/ fieces smell. I was told i have leaky gut also but its all so hard to get rid off. Someone mentioned hydrochloric acid? would that kill it quickly? I also tryed threelac and it never worked for me.

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