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    I’m going to be having exams next week. The thing is, probably half due to stress, I have got overgrowth of candida (itchy balls, white lining on my tongue and indigestion/belching/salivation). I’ve always had a degree of indigestion for about a year.; when my dad took me to a couple of months ago gastroenterlogist, he said I’ld IBS. I had cycles of constipation+diarrhoea, an some periods of feeling totally fine, while others of just waking up with a belch.
    About two years ago, when my indigestion would only occur to over-eating, I had severe migraines. But they stopped once I cut out cheese, beef steaks/burgers and oreos from my diet..???? This never happened when I lived in Britain, but when I moved to Ireland… Also a half senstivity to light.
    So currently, I am going into state exams with stress, an overworked brain and candida. I’ve completely changed my diet so that I eat very small quantities of sugars, limited carbs and no processed foods or nuts(other than sunflower seeds). I am also taking probiotics and multi vitamin tablets.
    The things is, my brain needs glucose if want to bring my A game. So:
    -Where should I get my sources of glucose from?
    -Should I exercise that much? (Don’t want to be running on zero energy
    -I get a severe reaction to eating garlic, onion or salmon. Weird, cause they’re supposedly very useful? I feel slightly nauseous and very acidic afterwards. Are there die off symptons? Or…….
    -And die of symptoms. What are they like? Should I be worried about their interference.
    -I’m 80% sure I have candida. Any other plausible explanations.
    Note: I feel kind of better on this diet, but that might be just cause I am eating less.
    Would appreciate a reply. Juggling way too much right now


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    The diet allows some grains and pseudograins.


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    I’d eat some fruit if you need glucose. Certain fruits are very low in sugar such as watermelon, apricots, blueberries, green apples, etc. These are basically the only fruits safe for the diet.

    Other sources include pumpkin, coconut water, vegetable smoothies, etc.

    If you want to feel your best, I would go to a hot springs or sauna and sweat out the toxins. Don’t overdo it or you’ll feel like crap.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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