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    Hello, I am a 34 year old male, very healthy in general (on the outside at least) for years. 6’1″, 175 lbs. Weight lifter. I was in the best shape of my life when 3 months ago I got a sinus infection and was prescribed a z-pack for it and came down with a yeast infection in my genital area. Shortly thereafter I developed oral thrush. Here is how my treatment has gone:

    Saw nurse practitioner- prescribed nystatin oral and ketoconazole for skin.
    One week and no change at all, so I went to my normal doctor.

    Doctor prescribed 5 days diflucan. Lots of greek yogurt. After five days, no change.

    At this point I had not changed my diet at all and was very uninformed. If I had known about the risks, I would have taken precautions. After much research I realized that the antibiotics I had taken once a year for a sinus/chest infection (on average), and before my dental appointments (had a heart surgery 15 years ago) had probably wrecked my gut flora and was perhaps causing me problems unknown.

    I had abdominal pains a couple weeks after seeing my doctor and the thrush and genital area were looking very bad, so I went to the ER. Blood tests all came back fine. A CT scan was performed to check out my spleen, stomach, etc. All OK. Doc gave me a 10 day diflucan prescription and a steriod/anntifungal for the skin and sent me home.

    I then began a treatment of boric acid, borax, and tea tree oil for the penile thrush. It slowly cleared up. I still notice a very small spots, but overall, it is fine.

    Three weeks after seeing the doctor, he wanted to send me to an infectious disease specialist, but there are only three in the area where I live, and the they are booked for months. So I decided to try on my own. So I cut out all sugar. I did not realize that starches are a no-no also.

    Tried gentian violet, with mixed success. Would lessen syptoms, but not completely clear up the thrush.

    Also tried lemon juice for the thrush, but my teeth started hurting, so I quit it.

    After the initial herx (see below)from the candida diet I retried the Nystatin. It made things worse. The sugar in it I assume.

    I also tried almond milk (sugar free) after the herx because I was craving milk. It also caused a mild breakout. I will be trying coconut milk next.

    Now I am on the following protocol:

    Anticandida diet- Now on third week. Had serious herx reaction after 5 days including fever, fatigue, shakes, brain fog, and incribly horrible oral thrush. I could barely move my jaw it was so bad. Unable to chew food. Severely swollen glands. This lasted for 4 days.

    Grapefruit seed extract- began this with the diet, likely the reason for the serious herx. Cut back on it for a week, now back on it. I dissolve 25 drops in a half liter of distilled water and sip it all day.

    Coconut oil (organic)- started this a week ago after the initial herx. 2 tablespoons a day. One in morning, one at night.

    Pau d’Arco tea- at least one cup a day. Usually two.

    Lemongrass tea- dosage same as Pau d’ Arco tea.

    Garlic- raw and high allicin tablets. sometimes more raw, other times more of the pills. But at least twice daily.

    Borax/saltwater- swish in mouth several times a day. I also am mixing 1/8 tspn borax in 1 liter of water and sipping it all day.

    Aplle cider vinegar, organic, with the mother- a couple tablespoons mixed with bottled water daily.

    Mezosilver collloidial silver- was initally taking a tablespoon twice a day, but have decided to only swish and spit, as it kills good bacteria along with the bad. I may return to swallowing it now that I know I am taking plenty of probiotics.

    Oil of Oregano- was doing three drops in each dose of coconut oil, but stopped for same reason as the colloidial silver.

    For cleansing- Molybdenum (daily). Phsyllium, bentonite clay (every other day).

    Kefir- making my own. 1/2 cup twice daily.

    Yogurt- Organic Bulgarian whole milk. 1/2 cup daily.

    Ultimate flora critical care probiotic 50 billion- one tablet daily.
    Acidopholus 3 billion- 4 or 5 daily.

    Vitamins- folic acid/b complex, C, D, fish oil, flaxseed oil, K, alpha lipoic acid, glucosamine

    Up next: Have ordered lufenuron (I know about the mixed reivews). Diflucan- 2 weeks worth of 200 mg. to stack with the lufenuron.

    Also will start milk thistle and SF722 soon.

    I may order Candizyme and Candigone just for good measure.

    I should mention that I do not have to work much right now, as my job is seasonal and I have the winters off. I can rest all I need. Otherwise this would be near impossible to implement. My goal is to lick this before I have to start working again in April. Will continue to post progress as things happen. I am throwing everything I can at the candida in hopes of simply overwhelming it, while monitoring my die off.

    I am going to increase my calorie intake with coconut bread, avocados, and basically anything that the diet allows, as I have lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks on the diet. (The not being able to chew did not help).

    I am using gentian violet right now to make sure the oral thrush doesn’t flare up before I can start the lufenuron/diflucan. I am focussing on the graoefruit seed extract, coconut oil, borax, and probiotics right now. It’s hard to keep up with it all, but at least I have the time.

    Mentally, I am quite spent, and have some mild depression over it all. I had big plans for the winter, but these have been put on hold until I get this under control at least. The purple lips from the GV don’t help my social life, either. LOL

    For all you out there in the same boat, keep fighting, don’t give up.


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    I received the lufenuron today. I took the first dose with several pieces of baked chicken (with skin), an avocado, and whole milk bulgarian yogurt.

    My oral thrush seems to fluctuate from day to day. I am going to stop using the gentian violet for the next week so that I can monitor developments. I am suffering from some intense gas today, which started shortly after drinking a glass of borax/lemon water this morning. So the borax is doing something (good or bad). I also have a slightly runny nose, so I will monitor that, also.

    I ordered candizyme, terrazyme, and candigone today. The plan is to absolutely destroy the cell walls of the candida and let my immune system, antifungals, and probiotics do the rest.

    I spent a large part of the day researching foods and recipes for the candida diet. For those out there that think it is hell to be on the diet- I disagree. I already feel better in general than I did before, even with the weight loss, and there are a LOT of good tasting, filling foods out there if one is willing to cook for his/herself. I am going shopping tomorrow and going to try some more out. Knowing that what I am putting in my body is healthy is very reassuring.

    I decided I am also going to start slowly building up my exercise routine. I simply cannot stand the muscle atrophy that is setting in. Exercise in proper amounts strengthens the immune system anyways. I will start slowly and only do anaerobic exercises (weight lifting). I will make sure that I am well rested and fully recovered after one workout before doing another.

    Total wellness attack here.


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    Today has gone as follows:

    Woke up, swished with saltwater/borax, followed by colloidial silver. Drank Pau d’ Arco tea. Took a 50 bil probiotic pill. I waited 2 hours to eat breakfast.

    I had a normal bowel movement for the first time since starting the diet (been constipated). Last night I took 300 mg of Magnesium to try and help. Worked great.

    5 eggs, blender mix of cilantro, greens, and lemon juice.

    Went to gym and did a medium workout- enough to feel tired but not spent completely.

    Lunch- baked chicken, organic yogurt with lufenuron second dose, raw spinach.

    I have been sipping apple cider vinegar/grapefruit seed extract water all day. A little borax water at times, also.

    I just had a snack of coconut bread. And have noticed that I have a runny nose and some sinus pressure/slight headache. This may be another herx coming on. I am going to stay heavy on the water and if it gets worse start with the molybdenum.

    The gentian violet has worn off my mouth in most places (takes a couple days). I was initially worried about an outbreak without it, but it seems to be holding steady for now.

    Ordered some Candizyme, Candigone, and Methylene blue. The MB sounds promising, especially for the oral thrush.


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    I ate dinner: One half baked chicken breast, green beans cooked in olive oil with garlic, and quinoa.

    I also took a molybdenum since I have a sinus headache now.

    Took one of Ted from Bangkok’s alkalizing drinks made with lime and baking soda. I will be doing two of these daily.

    I am using my mouth as a barometer for the herx along with the mucous/sinus issue. I hope it gets a little worse so I will have no doubt as to what is going on. The I will treat with Phsyllium and bentonite clay along with the milk thistle.

    I will eat some more yorgurt before bed then brush my teeth and treat my mouth with saltwater/borax.

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