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    Hi Guys,

    Like most of you I’m sure, ive been struggling with what I believed to be candida for a couple of years now.

    For peace of mind I decided to get a candida blood profile test done. My results were as follows and I wonder if anyone here has also done this test or can share your interpretation? The results are in MONA (Multiple of normal activity). <100 is normal.

    IgG – 257
    IgA – <300
    IgE – 258

    I assume this means I have a candida infection but does the IgA mean that it’s localised somewhere? Should I take antifungals for a long time? I’ve already done a month course a few months ago?

    Any help is appreciated 🙂




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    I’ve had this test too. It’s for candidemia (candida in blood) and not intestinal overgrowth. I recommend urine organic acids test. Stool PCR test requires shedding and stool culture test requires live Candida.

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