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    Has anyone else had serious Candida symptoms but a negative Candida blood test? Is there another, more accurate test I can tell my doctor about so I can be properly diagnosed and treated?

    My OB diagnosed me with a yeast infection (which I get recurrently), and I did the at-home spit test and that was very obviously positive for Candida. But I got a blood test from my endocrinologist that came out negative. The endo speculated at one point that I might have another auto-immune disorder, Bechet’s, however I lacked the main symptom of having ulcers in the mouth as well as the genetic background, so I don’t believe I have this, but would like a proper diagnosis.

    I’m experiencing a number of Candida symptoms (itchy skin and scalp, dry mouth, itchy eyes, skin rashes on hand and foot/athlete’s foot, yeast infection, irritated urethra, fatigue, cystic acne, food intolerances, etc). When I dress the skin rashes with anti-fungal (Naturalia), they start to go away and are almost gone completely. Also, when I cut sugar out of my diet and lower my carb intake, I feel much better and it gets rid of the cystic acne (I am already permanently gluten/dairy-free).

    I am going forward with a Candida detox despite the negative blood test, but I want to be diagnosed properly so that it’s clear whether this is Candida or some other auto-immune disorder. Are there any other tests that are more accurate?

    Thank you!


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    Yeah I came up negative in my blood test and stool test. I call BS on it, but the doctor wouldn’t treat me for it.


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    You wrote you did the spit test, and it was undoubtedly positive.

    However, as you can read on this forum, the spit test is very unreliable. It doesn’t say a thing!

    You can read a good explanation here.



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    The spit test should not be used for diagnosis:

    I would check out the candia5 test which is a cheap at home test you can do. It looks at other things that the other tests don’t look at (whether you are fighting candida).



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    Thank you all for your thoughts, I’ll see if I can get a candia5 test.

    Good to know about spit test – I def wasn’t relying on that alone, just as further evidence – but it makes sense that it’s unreliable. I think my symptoms are enough evidence… but it’s just one of those things where multiple diseases/syndromes have similar symptoms, so it can be hard to nail it down for certain.

    I’m on day 3 of a 2 week candida detox, having sudden cramping gut at times and have to rush to a restroom… assuming that’s just part of the die off.


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    was your blood test a candida immune complex test from Genova Labs? If you actually had candida in your blood your be hospitalized this is systemic candida not candida related immune complex or intra cellular candida. They are two different things. People with chronic candida have CRC not systemic candida.

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