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    Kasia Gorel
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    Hi, I’m eighteen years old and I’ve already had Candida once from February 2012 to May 2012, did the cleanse along with nutrient supplements and a detox program. Together, all of these were successful in combating my Candida. Unfortunately, the Candida came back and with new symptoms. I’m having all the classic symptoms; acne, exhausted, unfocused, nauseous, craving for sweets and carbs, etc. I went on a stricter diet than I was previously on. (I think my chiropractor put me on a less strict diet because I was under 18 and wanted to make sure I got all my nutrients, etc) But now there are more symptoms. I’m rarely hungry, well physically I know I need food and should be hungry and I do get stomach growls and things of hunger, but I never FEEL hungry. I feel extremely full and bloated, has anyone experienced this? I have no idea what this means, is it just a die off symptom? I talked to my parents and they have no idea either. Any information is appreciated!


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    I experienced all of these symptoms and still do have the no hunger symptom. I have a feeling its related to the body not working like it used to for some reason or another. My hunger symptom has improved in time though.

    Feeling full and bloated are not related to die-off whatsoever. It likely is related to the body not producing enough HCL (hydrochloric acid) to digest and break down the foods you eat. You also may not have the proper bacteria or acidity in the stomach, but it definitely is not related to die-off.

    Have you seen the forum’s protocol?


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