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    hi firstly i would like to say i think i have been suffering with candida for 9 months now and i only found out about candida 2 months ago. Ok ill tell you had it all started.! year ago i was a happy 17 year old boy eg going out with friends ext… i was loving life. however i wasnt eating very healthy i had a VERY high sugar and a VERY high carb diet but i never thought anything of it.anyway one morning i woke up feeling strange almost like i was in a dream or i was stoned like some sort of fog in my brain. and i felt like this for a wile then i had heart paplatations and irregular heart beats.then my eyes could never focus aswell as that i had alots of OCD thoughts (not bad just OCD) anyway scared i went to doctor but they said i was fine after blood test results came back. just checking to ee if this could be candida


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    Try out the candia5 test or similar tests and see if you have it. The most common symptoms include oral thrush and rectal itching.


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