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    I have been suffering from Candida from an antibiotic my Dr. gave me last year before having surgery. I had to diagnose myself because none of the Dr’s I saw knew anything about it (or they don’t believe in it) and could not explain my symptoms. My symtoms were, red skin like a sunburn, burning feeling in my mouth along with a metal taste, my legs felt like they were burning and now I have a new symptom which is everytime I stand up I feel pressure in the back of my head and I feel light headed along with my ears feel pressure and my hearing sounds like I’m under water. This happens every time I stand up. I have been on a strict diet for four months now (lost 35lbs) and I eat mostly meats (protiens) fruit (not all types) and vegetables. Could my diet be causing the light headed and pressure feeling? Has anyone ever felt these same symptoms either from the Candida or from the diet?

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