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    hi all i have been very sick for allmost 2 years now it all started with stomach pain diarreah muscus in stool and some days white coated stools and after a weak i got ery ill dizzy inflamation in my tissues dizzy when standing up neuropati getting hot and i got an stool test who showed inflamation but they dident help me and been very sick since i have a test feacal calproctectin normal <50 results >176
    and charcot leyden crystal in stools but still they said there was nothing wrong but of course there is i am very sick and 2 test is positive i guess thye dont have a clue
    i am allregic to allmost all food now aswell every time i eat i get very bad and very hot and sometimes my eyes burn i get so hot when i eat i allmost can pass out
    in the beginning probiotic helped my stomach and nausea but still have pain in small intestine but most when laying left side and on stomach its like a burning pain not a stabbing pain so my question is i testet positive for candida in germany in stool and i got alot of strings when doing spit test can candida do so many things to my body or is it something else who made me sick and i got candida after i have a terrible brain fog right after waking up and feeling hot and sick i allso have tinnitus and alot of other weird symptoms the eating problem are strange i react so fast allmost immediatly after food enters my mouth could that bee histamin intolerance and could candida do all those things to me plz help


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    What doctors have you seen? That’s a lot of symptoms and it might be more than just a gut issue..

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