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    Hey, It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. In the last month I got really sick and have been prescribed tons of antibiotics. I was diagnosed with a tooth infection, a virus, and a sinus infection all in a row and I lost my job because I was so weak and tired. It’s kind of a blessing I guess, because now I can focus more on my health. The only thing is is that this sinus infection hasn’t cleared up and I read that candida can spread into the sinuses, so I think it’s the cause. I think if it was bacterial that it would have gone away by now because of the antibiotics they’ve had me on… Only 2 more days on amoxocillin thank god. I don’t know if it’s from the sinus problem or one of the other things but I felt like my body wanted to shut down all the time for about a week and a half. I was also having chest pains and trouble breathing and a lot more weakness than usual. lots of congestion in my head and fluid build up on my ear and throat congestion too. It seems like a lot of it has gotten better, but I need to get rid of this sinus infection. The headaches and pressure etc are still there and I don’t know exactly what to do. I heard nasal steroids work best so I’m trying to get flonase from my doctor, and I’m putting tea tree oil under my nostrils but it only helps so much. Does anyone have experience with this problem and know how to manage it?


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    Personally I would only take antibiotics if my life absolutely depended on it. They can do so much damage its a miracle more doctors dont get sued.

    There is something called CDS, chlorine dioxide solution. I gave a couple of drops last week to someone who had a tooth infection. She had been suffering for a week on painkillers. It was gone in a day.


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    Try out SF722 which is the only antifungal the prevents candida from attaching to your mucousal membranes (sinuses).



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    Personally I recommended to take antibiotic but best way if your consult to any doctor of your problem. I think you will get best solution of your problem.


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    Sounds like Candida OG in your sinuses/ears. I got them over and over prior to the abx/steriods sending me over the ledge into severe candida OG. I still deal with them since my Candida isn’t under control yet.

    Good suggestions above which you might want to use; as well as make sure you are using probiotics while on abx. Other suggestions might be Oil of Oregano as it has both antifungal and antibiotic properties. Saline solution washes of the sinuses might be in consideration as well; store bought or home made with sea salt. You might consider oil pulling which I’ve recently learned is very effective.


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    Are you certain it’s a sinus infection or just allergies? I get sinus infections all the time when I’m sick and my allergies start acting up around this time of year. They sometimes mimic each other for me. There have been times where my sinus infection has gone away on it’s own, it just obviously takes a lot longer (took me three weeks i believe).

    The reason I say this is because I caution you to take antibiotics for a sinus infection. Being on antibiotics and steroids for a sinus infection was got me here in the first place, so try and wait it out if you can.


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    Yep, abx/steroids for recurrent sinuses issues helped push my already out of balance system over the edge to this abyss. If you already KNOW you have an Candida issue be VERY careful. I’d rather have been sick/in bed with a high fever for a month than to go through all I’ve gone through to date; and what still lies ahead.

    You might also try sea salt water gargling for your throat.

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