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    Hey. I’m finally at the point where I’m fed up with the candida and ready to give up the sugar. I don’t want it. I want to leave alllllll that behind. It took me a while to get to this turning point. I’m putting this journal out there to document my journey through the changes on the diet, the die off, and the results. Starting tomorrow, which is technically in an hour, and since I’m not eating right now…. basically starting now.

    7 day water fast, pure clean spring water w/ coral calcium
    Then moving onto intermittent fasting and eating the diet plan by Gabriel Cousens.

    I am expecting to be bed bound with die off the first few weeks, and am looking forward to it so much.

    I will take some time to document my symptoms.
    -anxiety (general and social)
    -yeast infections
    -sugar cravings
    -athlete’s foot
    -insomnia and low quality sleep
    -short attention span, loss of concentration and ability to stay focused
    -feeling of disconnectedness, especially to people
    -angular chelitis (candida infection in corners of mouth)


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    changed the plan a bit. I’m going to water fast for 14 days first. I’m also taking oil of oregano and bentonite clay for die off. Today is day 1, nothing to report.


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    lettingo wrote: taking oil of oregano and bentonite clay for die off.

    Are you saying you’re taking oil of oregano as well as bentonite clay for die-off symptoms? Or betonite clay for die-off and oil of oregano as an antifungal?
    Have you read the cleanse and protocol on the forum?



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    lettingo, I will be following your journal with interest! Please keep us updated!

    good luck mate!

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