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    I say the following in the chance that there might be others out there like me, and for all to just consider what you are undertaking with this diet. I am not trying to outright discredit candida as a valid medical condition at all, only saying that when I myself went underwent the intensive diet for this condition, for a painful year and a half, it only ever harmed my health.

    I am an IBS patient, and have been as long as I can remember, and saw candida as a possible underlying condition, which if addressed might help some of my other problems(i.e, bathroom, congestion). I saw a naturopath, and for a long time was actually telling her I was feeling some improvements throughout the course of her treatment, as I now understand my overall health was declining. See the thing was, yes by cutting out all forms of sugar(fruit, carbs included)(along with many other candida diet components, and food allergies to top it off) it does follow and make sense to me why my congestion improved, and I briefly felt better.

    However in the long run, this went completely the opposite direction. Going into my freshman year of college, I struggled greatly to even feed myself with the incredible work load I was experiencing. Unable to quickly grab a meal, I saw my social life, energy, and free time disappear in an instant. I went from being super social, outgoing and active; to sick, tired, and miserable. During this time I continued to see my naturopath, and belabor the point that I was still feeling quite unwell, to which she eventually said, “I don’t know what your problem is frankly, you should just figure it out.”. So after she said that, I did. And how amazing it has been. I can eat practically anything I want(except for lots of spicy, and dairy), have my energy back, and can focus that on things other than being an ill person. I always liked to consider myself a happy person, but damn is it hard to be that same positive dude when you feel so different inside.

    This is just my story, and again I’m not trying to attack the condition as stupid or false, as it’s totally possible(Im no doctor) that people do suffer from candida. However, personally, I suffered much more from the treatment than the disease itself. I wish good luck with everyone’s journey to feel the best that they can, no matter your path to achieving that.


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    I agree with this and this is why I never tell people to do a carb free diet because you need carbs to be healthy. What you should worry about most is feeding yourself first, and not the yeast. I recommend eating some fruit on the diet as well because fruits like blueberries and apricots have anti-candida properties that should bring more benefit than detriment.


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