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    Always tired, sugar cravings, stomach bloated, some constipation and my eyes are always red like I was tired and a lot of brain fog. When I eat sugar I stay like I was druged so tired. I don´t know if this is candida because I have done a strict diet for about 12 days with a lot of coconut oil (12 tablespoon per day and probiotics but I didin´t have die off. Imagine that I don´t have a candida albicans. There is another disease or whatever that can explain my symptoms? In general I can compare my symptoms with others persons here in this forum. They have a lot of infections, sore throat, adrenal fadigue, headaches, and pain. Well I don´t have that symptoms. My worst symptom is fadigue. I´am always tired and bloated. What I should do?


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    I have been doing the diet for three weeks now and I haven’t had any die-off either.
    I would persist with the diet. I’m not entirely sure that you have to have major die-off symptoms to have candida.


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    If you are eating brown rice, stop.

    PM Able for a stricter diet.

    Try eating raw garlic.


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    See a doctor. Get a full metabolic blood panel including TSH to check your thyroid function.


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    I would try out a strong dose of antifungals and see if you experience any die-off or feel awful like the flu. If after a few days you feel fine, I would then examine other things such as parasites, h.pylori, inflammation of the gut, etc. If you don’t feel good in general like you did 5 years ago, you may have something else suppressing your immune system.


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