Candida or prostatitis or both I really need help.

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    I need to tell my storu first. I was vegan bodybuilder never used steroids, just hypercalorics and creatine. I got sick and used antibiotics for my throat and I can’t remember exactly when but one day I was masturbating and my sêmen got out very liquid, without color, clear like water and my orgasm was weak too, the next morning I woke up without morning wood, since then I got weak in bodybiilding and stopped working out. My semen comes in drops now when I ejaculate I feel the need to urinate after 20 minutes. Sometimes my urine is hot maybe like it is a little bit acid.

    Hi I saw that one guy here cured his prostatitis with S. Boulardii. I believe that’s my worst symptom related to candida.

    My symptoms are:

    No morning erection
    No libido
    Weak orgasm
    Weak ejaculation and urinary flow
    No emotions
    Blurry vision
    Eye floaters
    Some itching in my head but not much so I don’t care.
    No energy
    Vertical ridges in nails
    Brain Fog
    No personality

    I would like some help with this, I took diflucan 300mg for 3 days and the last die I woke up with morning wood will start with lactulose to help with bifidobacterium. But I really interested in S. Boulardii because I hate my sexual symptoms and Jdib recovered, Stovariste said his energy increased so much that he could fight with 3 of himself.

    Any advice would be great. Specially from Dvjorge who is cured from prostatitis (I’d like to know if you had any sexual issue with orgasm, libido, ED) and Raster.

    Once I no longer feel any symptom I have or any die off should I increase S. Boulardii to kill the rest of the candida once and for all or should I decrease until no need to still taking.

    What about L Glutamine? Is it good in the end of the treatment?

    Thank you

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