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    Is normal being on a strict diet for about 11 days and taking 12 tablespoon of coconut oil, taking 1 pill 50 billions of probiotics and drink everyday 1 lemon juice and I never had a die off reaction. Should I wait more time. This mean i don´t have a candida overgrowth.


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    What made you or makes you think you were/are afflicted with candida?

    There are certain tests which this forum has discussed which can confirm candida overgrowth: blood, muscle, stool with the blood perhaps being the most accurate.

    I wonder if you are using extra virgin coconut oil, rather than refined which doesn’t contain the antifungal properties. Took me 3 bottles before I noticed I made this mistake.


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    I would try out a dose of stronger antifungal such as black walnut extract and see if you experience anything, the coconut oil simply might not be strong enough.


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