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    Hi all,

    so i’ve basically self diagnosed myself with candida.
    Along with all of the other symptoms ( eczema, hives, headaches, brain fog, food sensitivity, weight gain ,etc) i developed a reoccurring yeast infection on my skin this winter. The infection was in my navel ( producing a discharge), between my fingers, and under my arms. I’ve gotten the skin basically under control with diet and supplements
    HOWEVER – my left eye has been extremely red as of late. Today it was swollen so i went to the doctor and she said it was keratosis, an inflammation of the cornea with many different causes including you guessed it YEAST! she gave me eye drops however now i’m beginning to panic seeing as it appears this is in my eye. Is it time i go to the doctor and try and get a blood / stool test? will this even help? is this something to panic over?

    Please help!

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