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    Please help. I’ve been on the candida diet for 4 months. The journey has been up and down, but as of a month ago I’ve been feeling awful. Only minor cheats over the last 4 months – had hot sauce a few weeks ago and two breakfast sandwiches a few weeks ago. Besides that EVERYTHING has been perfect (at least I think).

    Here are my symptoms:

    – Fatigue (need 10 hours of sleep to feel normal)
    – Possible kidney pain (also might be lower back muscles)
    – Extreme dehydration
    – Headaches
    – Smelly urine
    – Feel hot a lot
    – Go for longer than a 15 minute walk and I feel sick
    – Weak immune system

    Some things about me. I have had thyroid issues in the past. Thyroid has gotten worse over the last couple months. TSH levels around 3. Also, could exercise hard fine before the diet. Now I literally can’t walk longer than 15 minutes.

    I understand that people have die off in the first month or so, but its been 4 months. How am I feeling like this?

    I am so stuck because I want to quit the diet because I felt better before I started it, but I also don’t want to give up what I’ve accomplished if I have in fact moved forward.

    Also sorry for posting this is multiple sections. I need answers… I can’t do this anymore.


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    If you have candida, you won’t cure it with diet alone.


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    Diet will not cure a serious candida overgrowth, but you should be feeling better on a strict diet. Thyroid issues and candida go hand in hand. Make sure you get your thyroid functioning in normal range and then continue the diet. You may also have an underlying issue, the smelly urine could be caused by a bacterial infection? Go get some blood work done and make sure everything is in range. Candida is a puzzle and you really have to go at it one piece at a time.

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