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    So, Ive been on the diet for about a month and am taking enough supplements to sink a battle ship. So far so good I suppose!

    I think I am starting to feel some die off symptoms – skin has broken out a little bit, feeling wooly headed (although thats normal for me), fatigued etc.

    Anyhow, so I have started noticing candida in my stools (that is, WHEN i have a stool – regularity is still a battle, see my other post) – it looks kind of mucus-like, and having looked at some pics on the web, its highly likely it is candida.

    I assume this is a good sign – better out than in right? Does this mean the diet is working and I am on the right track?


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    I think it’s hard to judge when you’re constipated. Certain supps and foods can increase mucous too. I’d work on regulating your bowels as a priority, since it’s a big advantage for all pathogens to have unchi in there for so long. Anyway, ganbattete!


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    Ive had it a couple of times. Its not really an indictator in my opinion. The best indicators are your digestion, food reactions, and how you feel.

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