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    Hello everyone 🙂

    I’ve been on the diet for 5 days but I’m actually unsure whether I have candida or not. I was just kind of trying the diet out but I adhered to the strict rules closely except that I had half tablespoon of pasta on the 2nd day and didnt experience any symptoms.

    My daily diet consists of mostly stir-fried greens with extra virgin organic coconut oil and plenty of garlic (about 4 diff varieties/day), salad, onions, various spices, eggs, chicken, homemade chicken soup with veggies, sardine, apple cider vinegar (2-3 tbsp per day) , 100% buckwheat soba noodles (30 grams per day and i don’t eat it frequently)

    My extra virgin coconut oil intake is about 3 tbsp per day and they are all used for stir-frying.

    How I felt so far:
    – Headache/dizzy as soon as i woke up during the first 4 days but I was fine this morning.
    – Body itchiness but no rashes etc
    – Elevated heart rate in the first few days but I was feeling normal today.
    – Dry flaky cheeks. Can’t tell if it’s due to the diet or my cleanser.
    – Cheek flushing seems to be gone on the third day.
    – Feeling tired all day long but today was noticeably better.
    – Vaginal itching. But could that be because my period was near?
    – Flaky feet on the third day but they seem to have subsided now.
    – My white tongue coating is not that severe anymore.
    – Craving rice/bread/cakes.
    – Brain fog. Occurred more frequently since I started the diet.

    Could this be die off or it’s just my body having a hard time adhering to my new low carb low sugar diet?

    The reasons why I think I have candida:
    – I used to eat lotsa processed sugar when I was young. Even though I’ve cut down the intake, I still took 2-3 fruits per day and had rice everyday.
    – I always seem to need more sleep than my peers (About 9 hours per night and sometimes even after sleeping for so long I still feel sleepy in the afternoon)
    – Weird cheek flushing or inflamed-looking pores that occur as they wish for no particular reason. (Even if I dont eat anything and just drink water).They seem to be mild Rosacea.
    – Vaginal itching.
    – Elevated heart rate and anxiety.
    – White tongue coating. Not very severe but abnormally visible.
    – PMS

    However, I’ve never developed any food sensitivities as far as I’m concerned and have never taken prolonged course of antibiotics (The longest was maybe 3 days and the number of times was probably less than 5). My feet and hands are always warmer than my friends since young. My bowel movements are dependent upon what I eat and it’s usually once per day or every two days.

    I’ve also noticed that my cheeks don’t flush that often during my menstrual cycle so could that be a hormonal problem instead? My menstrual cycle is very regular though 🙂

    So my question is that, candida or not?

    Sorry for the long post and any input would be deeply appreciated. All the very best in the battle and remember that WE ARE STRONGER than we think 🙂 🙂

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