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    Morning Guys.

    Hope you are all well. Im brand new to this site so apologies if this topic has been raised hundreds of times before (which i should imagine it has).

    Im 28, 2 kids and married! At the age of 17/18 i would start taking oxytetracycline for my skin. I would be on/off with the antibiotic. I would have a year or so off it and then back on it for a few months, even up to the age of 26 i still took it. On top of this i had a month course of steroids as i was going through the , ` lets get big` stage down the gym!

    Not thinking anything from it at the time, i started getting all these different sorts of symptoms…..! Off to the docs i went. Blood tests fine…… a few months went by, still not right, so more bloods, they were fine! I then started researching on the net and food intolerances kept creeping in. I decided to do a food intolerance test with York labs. I have attached a photo of the 19 foods im a little sensitive too. You get a scale of 1-5 with your foods, 5 being the worse. All my 19 foods were 1,2 ish sensitivity. Yeast being one of them.

    Not thinking off candida at the time, over the last couple of years i have been on many a stag doo drinking lots of beer. I came home from Poland the one year (18 months back) and was totally out of it. Thought i had vertigo, dizzyness, fatigue, everything possible. It was horrible. I then got a little better and when i had a few beers it would seem like a 2 week hangover.

    I had a conversation with the nutrionist from york test lab and she was adamant i had candida. I have been to docs since to try and get it confirmed, but all my docs says is dont eat bread and dont drink beer…! Its bloody horrible i just want whatever i have got confirming!

    I have done some of the anti candida diets, my weight has come right down from 13.5 stone to now 11 stone 5 today. My symptoms have improved, especially with the weight loss….blood pressure etc…! Today its more my head and anxiety thats causing me the issues. I run my own business so stress is very high level. I have felt `spaced out` the last few days. Dizzy spells in the day, (blood pressure checked at these moments and perfect)…!

    I wont lie, i have eaten a few things i shouldnt have.

    I think the most frustrating thing about all this, is the fact i still havent had it confirmed that candida/yeast is my issue! I havent felt normal for years. My wife gave birth to a beautiful girl 3 days a go and i now owe it to my girls to daddy better!

    The last couple of weeks i have had a constant whitish coating on my tongue and bad breath, again with the dizzy spells. I tend to feel like my body needs sugar to give me more energy!

    I have taken a spit test this morning, saliva mostly on top of the water after 15 mins but a few stringy bits about 1 inch down from the top nothing else. Like i say my tongue aswell has had a slight white coating for a couple of weeks. I do get a bit of thrush down below every couple of months too!Any help would be much appreciated i cant wait to have a good read through the topics when i get chance abit later.

    Thanks guys!


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    Well the spit test is not accurate for diagnosis:

    Sounds like you need to be strict with your diet. Have you ever tried antifungals or probiotics?



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    Thanks for the reply Raster,

    Yes i have taken lactobicullus (sorry ref spelling) and at the moment on s.boulardi (sorry ref spelling again!).

    But why should i take these and undertake a strict diet without full diagnosis? i just wish my doctor would do something. Im currently looking at paying for certain blood/stool tests online.

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