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    Hello everyone,

    I discovered Candida back in June after having a lot of gas, watery stools and cramps. To cut a long story short – I tried everything I could think of, plus I was on the diet and finally, last week I got three stool samples all clear – no more Candida. I also did a test for tongue and mouth – all clear. My doctor did an ultrasound – everything is perfect, I did the blood test – CBC, plus Fe plus liver enzymes – all good.

    The moment I left the dr’s office my stomach started rumbling. Yesterday I had diarrhea , but in the evening the stool was back to normal. I got my period, so I don’t know If that might be the problem. My stomach is still making noises, I have no diarrhea but I feel some distress in the intestines.

    Is it normal to still have some gut issues after candida is gone? I have to add that during those 4 months I had extreme anxiety and I am still very afraid of it coming back. I don’t know whether stress could cause all of this even after candida is gone.

    As far as diet is concerned – the only thing that I added after I got the results is potato and integral bread (no yeast).


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    If you still have symptoms, its likely other issues such as adrenals, liver, vitamin deficiencies, other infections, or heavy metal toxicity, etc.

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