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    About 9 months ago I started to feel a combination of nausea, dizziness and brain fog kind of similar to being intoxicated. Other symptoms developed including a lot of neck and shoulder tension, allergies, anxiety and fatigue. I found my sitting position could make a huge difference. It was very confusing and hard. It took about 6 months, but we eventually ran a GI panel that revealed a tapeworm and light candida glabrata.

    I treated the tapeworm with 3 days of Albenza then started on powdered Nystatin and have generally felt a gradual trend of improvement in the 3 months since. I’ve also changed my diet considerably and added a Klaire Labs probiotic (90 billion/day). I was able to exercise again and my brain was more clear.

    However, I noticed a sporadic pain in my left side near the rib cage. It was only triggered when standing still for 10 minutes or more. Exercising, sitting and lying down brought relief. I couldn’t pinpoint the area by touching it and the muscles all felt normal to the doctor. We came up with a few guesses including: upset spleen, inflamed lymph near the spleen, or a pocket of candida.

    We decided to treat it by switching to Diflucan (200mg/day) as it’s more aggressive than Nystatin. Since I’ve been on Diflucan for a week and a half, I’ve noticed a few things:

    • Light, but constant dizziness
    • More fatigue than before
    • Highly sensitive to certain foods that didn’t seem to bother me previously
    • Noticed one stool that was pale gray

    My first thought was that these were die-off signs, but now I’m not sure. The pale stool is listed as a potential side effect of Diflucan and I’m wondering if my liver is being overwhelmed. I’ve also heard that glabrata can be resistant to Diflucan.

    One more symptom worth mentioning. I’ve had a white tongue for many years that I never realized was abnormal until recently. It doesn’t seem to have changed in the 3 months of treatment. It gets better or worse on some days, probably depending on what I ate, but there is always a coating of some sort.

    Thankfully my doctor is experienced with treating candida, but is there anything we’re missing/doing wrong or is this just going to take time?

    A few more notes on my treatment:

    • Supplements include: vitamin d, magnesium, buffered c, digestive enzymes, HCL/Betaine, fish oil, coconut oil a few times a day.
    • I’ve been following “the” candida diet pretty carefully, but found a few gray areas. I eat a vegetable smoothie every morning with a lot of greens, coconut oil, flax, chia, almonds, macadamias, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and a little Hammer Vegan protein powder (
    • Other meals are usually green salads with avocado and adzuki and mung beans for calories as well as some chicken and wild alaskan salmon. Lately I seem to have become sensitive to at least some varieties of beans.
    • Occasionally I eat some quinoa or small amounts of brown rice
    • A few cups of red clover tea a day
    • I was eating some fruit every day, but have stopped that now out of concern that it was causing problems
    • Psyllium husk twice a day

    Thank you for this great resource.


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    I would consult your doctor who is prescribing this stuff because liver damage is one of the potential side effects.



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    Hi Noynek, Hi everybody here,
    First, I would like to excuse me for my grammar or spelling mistake ; English is not my mother tongue, and I try to learn it on my own. I will try to make short sentences. To introduce myself, I’m french and have the candida glabrata.
    For several years I’m having dizzinesses (~ 8 years), constantly a strong feeling of drunkenness, constantly extremly tired, neck and shoulder tension as well.
    For a number of years, I’m still having white tongue, allergic eczema.
    For a few months, I have got food residues in the stools (sorry for that detail).
    About 1 year ago I started to feel nausea every day.
    About one year a sporadic pain emerged in my left side near the rib cage ; 8 months after the same pain arrived in the right side. I couldn’t seat without pain.
    My hands, feets extremeties are often blue and sometimes I have shivers.
    About one month, I recieved a treat for a vaginal yeast infection with « triflucan » but it didn’t help me.
    For a year, I started to make a green juice every day.
    About one month, I started a Diet :
    I eat bio, essentially green vegetables – garlic (antifungal) – sometimes and exclusively white meat – and sometimes fish – bio eggs – bio cold pressed oil – coconut in all its forms (fruit, oil, milk, water, cream, sauce) – Oil of mediterranean oregano (Origanum vulgare) (antifungal) – brown rice – buckwheat – pecan nuts – squash seeds – sunflower seeds – linseeds – hazelnuts – sesam seeds – pine nuts – poppy seeds – cashews – sprouted seeds (like alfafas) – herb and plant extracts – quinoa – kidney beans – lentils – almond and almond milk – chia seeds – red onion (antifungal) – herbal infusions – cider vinegar – mustard seed – spices – turmeric (curcuma) – ginger – beans (every sorts) – house dressing –
    I don’t eat : Sugar (no fruits as well) – Gluten – whole-wheat pasta – dairy products -carrots – tomatoes – artichokes – potatoes – raw mushrooms – sweet potatoes – avoid lime – deli-meats – alcoholic beverages – tea – coffee – white rice – soy sauce – nuoc mam sauce – tamaris sauce – miso – tempeh – avoid acid citric in some fruits – beetroots – pistachio – peanuts – grenoble walnuts – vinegars – mustard (unless home-made) – avoid cereals as I can-

    My supplements rolling program:
    I’m trying Formula SF722 from Thorne (one caps/day – since today)
    Psyllium (1teaspoon in a glass water- I wait for the mucilaginous gel texture before to drink it)
    Chlorella (2 caps)
    Ipe roxo (lapacho 2 caps)
    grapefruit seed extract (15 drops in a glass water/ day)
    Quinton hypertonic drinkable ampoules (seawater to mix with2/3 water – do not take if renal dysfunction or high blood pressure)
    pure Aloe vera gel (1 tablespoon) not every day
    probiotics (once a day)
    green juices every day or every second day
    spirulina sometimes
    raw adrenal supplement (1 capsule)

    I would be glad if we could have e-mail exchange to give us advices.
    Thanks a lot

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