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    Is Greek yogurt with honey a good probiotic to eat or does it cause more of the candida symptoms? I just started the 17 day diet in which you eat only chicken, fish, and turkey along with lots of fresh and steamed vegetables, lots of salad with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing, it also tells you to drink green tea. Each time I ate the fish I had a break-out of rash and blister like itchy sores on my hands and one foot. I used tea tree oil on my foot and it dried up the blisters but it has not helped with my hands. Could there be something in the fish (fresh salmon) (halibut) (canned tuna) that is causing my problem. Is the drink kefir a good probiotic? this diet has you eat a lot of citris fruit and apples… if anyone has any advice please let me know thanks


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    There are a few different versions of candida diets out there, and they don’t all share entirely the same guidelines. Based on the diet on this website, I’d make the following suggestions:

    Honey shouldn’t be eaten while you’re on a candida diet. It, along with other forms of sugar (even naturally sourced sugars) feeds the candida in a big way. Hold off on sugars until you have eliminated the overgrowth in your body.

    Both yogurt (Greek and American styles) and kefir do contain live probiotic cultures. Make sure you’re using plain unsweetened, rather than sugary, versions of these.

    If you are experiencing an allergic reaction to fish I would definitely recommend against eating it. Some people do have seafood allergies.

    Most fruits should be avoided at first (a bit of lemon or lime juice is okay) due to the high sugar content. Once you have eliminated the candida you can add fruits back in moderation, beginning with low sugar varieties.

    Most vinegars should be avoided on a candida diet, as well as other fermented and yeast-containing foods, as these promote the growth of candida in the body. Apple cider vinegar is the notable exception, which has antifungal properties.

    I highly recommend reading through the diet described on this website. There’s a lot of detailed information provided here.

    Best wishes!


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    Getting your probiotic in pill form instead of through yogurt is also an option that some people who are avoiding dairy prefer.

    Good luck! ~Whitney


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    Green tea has caffine in it, try Rooibos (redbush) or honeybush tea, they are both caffine free naturally and are also wonderful anti-oxidants.

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