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    My symptoms started about 2 months ago, right after I got married. It started with a very small dry patch/rash on my face. That eventually spread to under my nose, all around my mouth and now under my eyes. I had some vaginal “cottage cheese” discharge only 3 times but then realized that it was probably candida. I immediately started the candida diet. About 3 weeks ago I started breakthrough bleeding. I have blurry vision, my energy level is super low, I am exhausted all the time. I have kept very strict to the diet, missed a bad ingredient one time. I have started on various supplements, Azo Tablets, Candida-gone, and another anti-candida formulation. I have been taking grape-seed extract, apple cider vinegar, and lots of coconut oil. Some days my face feels better and the bleeding stops for awhile, but the next day it is sometimes worse. I realize it could take awhile to “heal” but I just feel like it is taking so long. My husband is super sweet and supportive, but I feel disgusting and want this to be over. Any suggestions or similar stories?


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    Plan on a 6-18+ month recovery time. If you consult a professional, you likely will get better faster and cheaper than treating yourself. The antifungals won’t cure the infection, they just kill candida. In order to gain long term success, you need to focus on boosting your immune system, detoxing properly, and improve digestion all at once. Most of all you need to heal your body, and not focus on killing candida so much.

    These anti-candida products have a wide variety of results and may or may not be the best products for you and your version of candida, so they may or may not work. For instance it may be overkill on the antifungals and not enough probiotics and other stuff.

    If you aren’t eating organic, it will be very hard to get better imo.


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