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    (sorry for my bad english)I’m a 19 year old girl. One year ago I got a candida infection after taking the antibiotics. And I’m SO tired of it!!!!! but, after many years of eating disorders I now consider myself as good as free from them, but I know that thinking to much about what I eat would make it all come back.

    About a week ago I startet to eat after the candida-diet and that is as far I can go when it comes to experiment with the food. The detox part of the diet is not even to concider, as I know it would trigger my eating disorder.

    So the question is: could I get rid of my candida without the detox-part?


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    Try the strict diet for 3 weeks. Skip the first week of detox. The candida diet is about trial and error and everyone responds differently. See how you feel. It just might take a little longer without the detox that’s all.

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