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    Wow, I can’t believe it’s only been ONE WEEK since I wrote my last update! *sigh*

    Well, the psoriasis is basically the same as it’s been for the past 2 weeks or so. When I cut out ALL fruit, sugars, flours, condiments, etc with no cheating, the psoriasis calmed down to about 50% of what it was, a huge improvement. But since then it’s been going in cycles, getting a little red and flaky and then calming down again, but never as bad as it’s original state. I feel like this is more of a cycle than having to do with anything I’m eating. I’m just mentioning all this in case there is anyone else with a skin condition whose been noticing the same pattern while on the candida diet. I’m hoping this is a “two steps forward, one step back” type of thing, and have a feeling it is more to with my leaky gut not being completely healed yet (which I know can take a LONG time.)

    Currently my daily diet looks like this (all food is organic):

    -Slippery Elm capsules 1/2 hour before eating before each meal for leaky gut
    -Green tea in the morning, with another later if I REALLY need it due to lack of sleep
    -2 eggs
    -2 servings of gluten-free oatmeal (1 in the a.m. and 1 for lunch)
    -coconut bread (usually at night)
    -lightly sauteed cabbage or other vegetable
    -salad with ACV and olive oil and/or zucchini (I have a plant growing many zucchinis in my garden!) 😀
    -greek yogurt or kefir
    -occasionally a bit of raw organic pumpkin seeds if I need a snack
    -Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spaghetti squash, or other type of vegetable that is allowed
    -Rutabaga about 2xs per week
    -I will occasionally allow fish or chicken in my diet (but haven’t for the past week)
    -Each night, at least 2 mugs of Saffron Tea which acts as an astringent for leaky gut (do not take with Slippery Elm because they will counteract each other)
    -Megaflora probiotic before bed

    I am very surprised at how well I’ve adjusted to this form of limited eating! At first I was so freaked out that I wouldn’t get enough carbs and protein and would be starving to death. I actually feel LESS HUNGRY and am losing weight. I don’t even miss fruit. I eat the oatmeal to prevent ketosis, which is very bad for the organs.

    I’m still thinking of going on the VERY strict diet from Able and Raster when the timing is right. I’m curious to see what it will do to my psoriasis!

    Right now I have stopped all antifungals because I have an important job interview next Thursday and want to make sure I’m feeling as good as I can for it. The antifungals were making me sooo tired some days. I’ll start back up with the antifungals again after the interview is over with. I was taking SF722 and am considering taking Oregano Oil to see what that is like. I also have a bunch more supplements on order right now includings Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, garlic perles, L-glutamine, and zinc.

    Anyone with psoriasis or other skin condition have experiences similar to this? Did anything help it heal faster?

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