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    I have a 9-year-old boy who needs to follow a candida diet and I need help feeding him!

    His doctor put him on Nystatin (sp?) and advised to follow a candida diet, but didn’t have any real information on what all was included in that.

    With all the research I did on what foods he is allowed to eat I found that every book/website has different allowed foods. Some say no fruits other than lemon/lime, others say a handful of berries or a green apple are okay. Some say no potatoes whatsoever, others say destarched red potatoes are okay. Most say brown rice is okay, but now I found on this website that rice is a no-no, too. I just want to know how I can feed a growing boy that does not like a lot of vegetables, loves fruit and chicken (which he can’t have because he reacted to it). The list on this website basically leaves 3 kinds of meat, zucchini and olives – nothing a little boy can actually get any nutrition from. Any ideas what I can feed him?

    For the past 2 months, we’ve cut out pretty much every sugar except for a few berries or a green apple a couple times a week. We eat brown rice, destarched red potatoes, the occasional peppers or tomatoes in some foods. In addition to the Nystatin, he’s taking a probiotic (50 billion organisms, I think), digestive enzymes and Hydrochloric Acid (although he’s not very consistent on the last two).

    Wouldn’t the medication together with the extremely reduced sugar intake help beat the Candida overgrowth, even though it might take longer?

    Sorry this got so long, but any advice would be appreciated.


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    In general nystatin is about 40% effective or so based on people who have visited this forum. Since you are working with western doctors, the major alternative would be to getting tested to whether or not he is allergic to candida, and if he is, he can take candida hypo-sensitization shots which elevate his immunity to fight yeast. These typically need to be taken for a few years and may completely cure him.

    As far as replacement of rice is concerned, I would look into buckwheat groats. These can be spiced with basil, olive oil, salt, etc. and is pretty healthy alternative to rice. I would try to reduce rice consumption to a few times per week.

    As far as veggies are concerned, I would look into something like a nutribullet for him to drink the veggies in the form of a smoothie. This will give his digestion a break and allow for the inflammation to reduce, plus its a great source of vitamins and nutrition. He can just drink it down real fast.

    I would stick with berries starting out and then move up to apples over time. In the summer, safe fruits include apricots (not dried) and watermelon which are both low in sugar. Lemon/lime are fine.

    Instead of potatoes I would look into rutabaga which is a highly antifungal vegetable that can be prepared in the same way as potatoes, you can fry it, mash it, etc.

    All game meat is fine for diet and more unusual meats such as duck, goat, buffalo should be fine.


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