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    Hello Folks,

    I have been doing the candida diet for 8 weeks now. It has worked very well. The first 8 days I was very ill with extreme die-off. After that, I have slowly been getting better. I am taking IMF powder, lactobacillus sporogenes, and candicid fordid as supplements. 1 clove garlic in morning. Detox tea every few days. Acupuncture every 3 weeks.

    My background: My candida was caused by toxic mold poisoning with a combination of unhealthy lifestyle and diet. I was first ill 9 months ago in November after cleaning apartment (mold really got me bad). I didn’t think I had candida until about 3 months ago because my symptoms were not improving. I did some research and concluded that I had it. Diet started 8 weeks ago. I used to eat fast food everyday at lunch, fried food as often as I can, and barely ate any vegatables at all when first ill with this. Now I am not even in the same ballpark as far as diet.

    I goofed up on a few things though during diet:

    1)Ate rasberries and strawberries thinking they were ok for first week, eventually I had a ‘reaction’ to them and stopped.

    2)Everyday I was eating “superfood vitamin powder” which I thought was OK since it had many beneficial vitamins. I started to get a reaction to it week 3, and have since stopped (week 7). Candida seems to be dying off a little better. This expensive vitamin powder was made out of pineapple, beets, carrots, etc. Recommended for another stage perhaps.

    3)I am a cigarrette smoker and smoke 7-8 a day. I am not ready to quit yet because it is tough. Not eating regular food is tough enough. No longer get reaction daily. Was getting reaction first 4 weeks of diet after every cig.

    4)I also smoke the ganja daily and no longer get reaction. Was getting reaction 1-2 weeks into diet. Probably a strong cause of my overgrowth.

    5)cannot cut out the salad dressing, I absolutely want it. I tried a special apple-cidar vinegar dressing and this gave me a worse reaction than kraft italian dressing. I failed on that recipe I guess. This is the one bad food item I ingest. I may try lemon juice with salt and pepper next, it has got to change.

    6) I drink one 12 oz cup of coffee with cream in morning.

    My diet:
    Breakfast-organic Nancy’s yogurt ( and organic blueberries for breakfast. organic Brown Rice cereal and organic whole milk.

    Lunch-(non-organic)Salad and sunflower seeds

    Dinner-Organic chicken and organic wild or brown rice, organic salad

    Snacks-organic sunflower seeds and rice cakes

    I feel that I have killed off 90% or more of the candida. At this point, I am wondering what should I do? I still lightly get a reaction to vinegar and sometimes ganja, but all in all it has been fairly killed off (still exists of course). I am thinking about continuing phase 1 of the diet another 4+ weeks just so its really killed off. Should I start taking different supplements soon? Is it alright to start phase 2 if I still get a light reaction? Should I cut the coffee and dairy? What about rice, does it contain yeast?

    How do you know when you are completely better again and can start phase 2? Will I ever get better again consuming salad dressing, cigarrettes, coffee and dairy daily?

    I feel so good again! I have energy, I am not depressed, my digestion is great, getting exercise, sex functionality has returned, etc. No cheating other than dressing!


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    Hello and congratulations on reaching the 8 week point.

    You asked how do you know when you are completely better again, I hate to tell people this, but you don’t. Anytime you go off the diet or change it, you’re gambling and taking a chance that the Candida in your system won’t increase again. There are simply many more Candida sufferers who stop the diet too early only to have a relapse than those who do not. This is always because there was still enough of the infestation left in the intestines to cause a Candida growth spurt under the right circumstances, the circumstances being a more Candida friendly environment brought on by a change of diet. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that everyone with Candida will always have to remain on the diet; I’m only saying that I believe it takes a lot longer to be completely rid of the infestation than most people realize.

    I have to say, although I’m glad for you because you’re feeling better and have so much energy, I’m surprised that you feel like you’ve destroyed 90% of your infestation. The reason I say this is because of your particular diet, but more so because of the type of probiotic you’re taking.

    So-called Lactobacillus sporogenes are spore-forming bacterium and are not recognized or categorized as a species of Lactobacillus, in other words, the Lactobacillus genus contains no such species as sporogenes. Genuine Lactobacillus is a bacterium which produces lactic acid. These acids are capable of controlling the growth of yeasts which in turn prevents Candida from becoming an aggressive fungus. The reason they’re able to do this is because they’re cultured in milk. On the other hand, sporogenes are derived from soil, which is why they’re referred to as a ‘vegan probiotic” as well as why refrigeration is not normally required for them. Short term use of sporogenes may seem practical to some people, but frankly I wouldn’t want to use it long term — or short term for that matter.

    You’ve asked for advice, but all I can do is to tell you exactly what I would do if I were in your position.

    I would limit all dairy products to organic Greek yogurt only. I would also remove all forms of rice other than rice bran. Rice bran is food for the beneficial flora in your system which, as I explained, are needed to destroy the infestation.

    If you’re drinking coffee with caffeine, this is an additional drain on your adrenal glands (immune system) which are already overworked because of the Candida infestation.

    I would find a good probiotic with a high count of bacteria (billions) and more than a few different strains (10 to 14 at least–or more).

    As far as cigarettes are concerned, research has shown that cigarette smoke has the ability to enhance the secretion of certain Candida enzymes which promotes oral yeast growth.



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    So to recap on my extremely bad case of candida:

    1)stop taking the lactobacillus sporogenes and take a differnt probiotic
    2)stop drinking coffee
    3)stop all dairy except greek yogurt
    4)do not eat rice at all, but rice bran
    5)maybe quit smoking

    This is 1 of 3 supplements I am taking (didn’t purchase it here):

    Maybe I exaggerated on the 90% thing, but I feel 90% better. I also didn’t mention my candida/toxic mold poisoning was severe enough to send me to hospital 9 months ago(for hyperventilation). I didn’t know what was happening to me at the time and it was never officially diagnosed. But ever since, I have had candida. Lets just say my case may be close to the most extreme case out of anyone here.

    One thing I just re-realized is that I had a light reaction to the dairy, so I am fairly in tune with my body I guess (I just got to remember this).

    Alright here’s another part of my problem, I am a picky eater. I have a problem with eating food that normal people eat. Before candida, I would describe my diet as a “little kids diet” and it hasn’t changed for most of my life. I need help in figuring out what to eat instead of rice and dairy.

    1)I need a breakfast that combines greek yogurt with something else non-dairy. I have no idea what this could be because I like oatmeal and cereals(with milk). I do not eat oatmeal currently but rice cereal and milk. The other thing I used to eat was eggs, bacon/sausage, and potatoes (sausage and potatoes not allowed). How can you eat waffles/pancakes without syrup?

    2)I need a new side dish to replace rice that is equally tasty.

    3)I need more snack ideas. I am going to try some of the bread recipes on the forum! I checked out the recipes on the main part of this website and those dishes are not my thing, its really tough. I’ve lost like 10 pounds already and I weigh around 140pds. I am starting to panic a little bit because I have to alter what I eat already and I have really limited myself.

    Things I absolutely will never eat (picky eater problem):
    green beans
    brussel sprouts


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    I feel absolutely awful today after 2 nights of bad sleep. The dairy, coffee, and rice are getting cut ASAP. I am going all out on this to defeat the enemy. The candida is blooming again in my body. I have failed and hope that the work I have done in the last 8 weeks doesn’t get thrown away.

    The sweats, nausea, and aches are back. Headaches too, its been months! Energy is awful.

    I am looking to quit smoking ASAP as well. I need a plan for this because I have smoked for 12 years straight (7-8 a day). Never tried to quit before.


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    Hey Raster, I think quiting smoking make it easier for me stick to this diet – even though I quit smoking years ago it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to stick to. Maybe sticking to this diet will make it easier for you to quit smoking. Quiting smoking is so very hard. Congrats on your 8 weeks. I hope you enjoy some relief soon. Look forward to hearing about your progress over the next few days and weeks.


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    Thats what I am starting to think. I mean if I can get over my picky eating problem and start eating things like rice bran, quinoa, greek yogurt, etc (weird foods I’ve never heard of in other words), then I can get over smoking. This is a totally seperate demon and it effects on me are totally differently than the candida. I know, I just know, that the smoking is related to the candida. I need to get totally serious about defeating candida so I can eat regular food again. I would love that more than continuing smoking for the next 5 years. I dont want candida forever and I dont want to smoke forever. Maybe I can overcome them together at once in one big health purge?


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    Week 11/12 Update:

    New diet has worked very well. I was ill with a slight cold that had similar symptoms as candida when I wrote my last post.

    New diet:
    pumpkin muffins, scrambled eggs, greek yogurt + blueberries for breakfast.
    salad and sunflower seeds for lunch.
    buckwheat and chicken for dinner, coconut bread or another(yeast free) bread, and salad.
    one green tea in morning

    snacks: crackers

    New supplements:
    pau d’arco
    goldenseal (I do not recommend this any longer as an FYI)
    (continuing garlic daily)

    renewlife 30 billion probiotic

    IMF powder (contained pineapple and bad ingredients)
    lactobacilius sporogenes (contained rice starch and isn’t a real type of lactobacilius)
    coffee (contains caffeine bad for immune system)

    Now, I no longer have reaction to vinegar! Same goes for cigarrettes/herb unless I have them together around the same time as vinegar!

    I am soo close to being completely healed! I can tell that this new diet has really helped. I have a ton more energy, my lebido is back, etc. Going to do it a few more weeks, going to L.A. next month and will have to stop the diet I think. I hope I can handle regular food again.


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    Went to naturopathic doctor for first time, and while I was doing the diet fairly well, I have not been taking the correct supplements.

    The new supplements I am taking have not been mentioned on this website as far as I know:

    Pro-gest enzyme (helps body break down foods)
    juniperus communis (juniper shoots)(urinary tract)(homeopathic remedy)
    undecenoic acid (formula SF722 gelcaps)(6x stronger than capryllic acid aka coconut oil)
    digestive enzyme liquescence (helps disgestion)(homeopathic remedy)
    drenamin (helps adrenal fatigue)(b-vitamin)

    Other well known ones:
    inulin (add it to the breads)
    oil of oregano

    My naturopathic doctor said I have a very severe case of leaky gut syndrome and one of the worst cases of candida he has ever seen. Everything he has said makes a lot of sense and it will help me going forward. Basically, what I was doing before candida was severely harming my body and I hope to be very cured within a few weeks!


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    raster wrote: Pro-gest enzyme (helps body break down foods)
    juniperus communis (juniper shoots)(urinary tract)
    undecenoic acid (formula SF722 gelcaps)(6x stronger than capryllic acid aka coconut oil)
    digestive enzyme liquescence (helps disgestion)
    drenamin (helps adrenal fatigue)

    bovine related supplements
    anything with cellulose or starch

    Speaking of avoiding cellulose and bovine, both the Drenamin and Pro-gest that the doctor has you taking contain cellulose; and the Drenamin contains bovine adrenal as well as honey; otherwise, it’s just another vitamin supplement and not a very good one. Out of eight possible B vitamins, Drenamin contains just three; an excellent way to cause the ratio of B vitamins in your system to become out of balance, if they’re not already.

    In addition, Pro-gest contains the enzyme amylase; many researchers report that Candida sufferers should actually take an amylase inhibitor such as white kidney bean extract to reduce the action of amylase. Why would anyone with Candida take a supplement of amylase enzymes?



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    Hey Able,

    Well, these items are what he prescribed me based on what I described as far as my ailments. Everyone has different ailments. This is just prescribed to me and not meant for everyone else. My health problems go beyond candida I am sure, such has hair loss, horrible leaky gut, prior drug and alcohol use and so forth.

    After day 1, I feel quite a bit better after these supplements and I will hopefully be able to feel really good within 2 weeks…maybe enough to eat regular food once soon or something. I feel not just a little bit better, its a TON better…way more than I expected; I have a feeling his plan will pan out.

    I think that the cellulose amounts are negligable and am not worried about it. Quite a bit better than sugar, etc. I noticed other bad ingredients such as maltodextrin, soy lecithen, etc. I am just not going to worry, I’ve been ill 9 months, I really need help and its not a lot of mass worth of the bad stuff. The drenamin contains no honey (created by a brand called standard process), but does have other bovine ingredients.

    While he did say my vitamins contain no bovine ingredients, I am wondering why he gave me some supplements with bovine ingredients anyways? I am unsure, maybe I misheard him. I will bring it up.

    As far as amalyse ingredients, its just 11% of the vitamin so am not concerned about that. I will mention it, but it could be that he has a difference of opinion.


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    I think the benefit or non-benefit of amylase is debateable. Amylase is a natural enzyme within the body that digests food. Others include protease, lipase, cellulase.

    •amylase – breaks down carbohydrates, starches, and sugars which are prevalent in potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and many snack foods
    •protease – breaks down proteins found in meats, nuts, eggs, and cheese
    •lipase – breaks down fats found in most dairy products, nuts, oils, and meat
    •cellulase – breaks down cellulose, plant fiber; not found in humans

    On this list amylase is probably the one I need the least, but there are a ton of potential foods/fibers within my gut that have not been digested yet. I am not worried about it, I probably need more enzymes to digest my food!


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    raster wrote: On this list amylase is probably the one I need the least, but there are a ton of potential foods/fibers within my gut that have not been digested yet. I am not worried about it, I probably need more enzymes to digest my food!

    Actually, amylase is not the one you need the least, but rather cellulase is the culprit on the list which you definitely do not need at all. When cellulase (hemicellulase as well) breaks down enzymes that are found in vegetable fibers, the by-product is a simple sugar which feeds the Candida, thus prolonging the treatment period by allowing the Candida to multiply. By the way, the human body does not even produce cellulase on its own, so it’s not a nautral enzyme of the human body.

    But you’re right, you do need enzymes to digest and breakdown the food that you eat, however, taking pure enzymes is not the answer as they are not beneficial to the Candida treatment or your body in general.

    The body normally makes its own enzymes in the correct amount as each enzyme is needed depending on what you’ve just eaten. When we start giving the body pure enzymes, we are in effect teaching the body that it is no longer necessary to produce the enzymes, thus taking a chance on having the incorrect enzymes as well as incorrect amounts.

    Swedish Bitters or Digestive Grape Bitters are herbal extracts which are much better for your body as they allow the vagus nerves located on the back of the tongue to stimulate the production of enzymes. In this manner the supplement simply aids the body in making its own enzymes in the correct amounts needed at the time. When the grape bitter liquid is directly dropped onto the tongue, one of the many miracles of the human body takes over, and it is able to supply its own enzymes without the need of artificial ones being added by us. NOTE: If you decide to purchase one of these bitters, be sure to find one that’s alcohol-free as most extracts contain alcohol.



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    I hear what you are saying and it makes sense. I think what I’ll do is take the enzyme supplements for now and try the grape bitters as I am further along in the recovering process. I don’t thinks the enzyme supplement is meant to be long term.

    I am also taking a homeopathic called digestive enzyme liquescence which seems to help normalize the enzyme production issues within the body, so I am hoping/wondering whether this works like the grape bitters (but differently) to get the body to produce it again. It does contain alcohol in it, but I am not getting a reaction to the alcohol and its needed to contain its purity.

    I think he just wants me to get energy from the food I am eating for the time being (next 2 weeks) and then after that he has other treatments in mind (maybe grape bitters, etc).


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    Week 12/13 update:

    Diet has done very well for me. I have stuck to it and only bad things I’ve had include one plum, a small slice of watermelon, a little butter, and a little lemon in my coconut bread in last 2 months. Leaky gut is pretty much 99% healed as far as I can tell. No more (bad) reactions to vinegar or sugars. Very slight head change now.

    Cutted the coffee and its done wonders. It really drains your adrenal glands and can really spur the growth of candida. I am quitting coffee for as long as it takes to get better. Probably almost as bad as the cigarrettes. I had one cup last week to see what it was like again, it was a bad idea. Really drained me and wasn’t worth it. Set me back maybe 3 days of recovery (one 12 oz cup).

    I am quitting the herb this week for one week to see how much of a difference it makes. I expect a slight change, but nothing too dramatic.

    I am seriously thinking about quitting smoking cigarrettes in a month or so. My lungs are damaged from it and I want to live longer and healthier. It drains the calcium in my body which also causes baldness. Candida and smoking are very much related and I need more oxygen.

    Going on a trip to LA in a few weeks; this will the time I test myself and my diet. I am going to have to eat some wheats and other foods I haven’t had for 4 months or so just because we will be travelling around and being busy. I hope the candida doesn’t grow back too bad. Will avoid sugar, cheeses, and salty food. I think I can handle it.


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    Week 14 update:

    I can’t believe it, but my hair is growing back! I lost a ton of hair over the last year due to the candida, and its finally growing back in the big area in the front of my scalp. Tons of tiny hairs! I thought it was a permanent negative change.

    I think I have had a extremely severe case of candida and its going to take many months for me to fully recover. I occasionally have a few pieces of fruit and I get a very very light reaction (more like a headchange) to it still; so I know I am not quite ready for stage 2 (and my naturopathic doctor still doesn’t recommend it). Nowhere near the hyperventilation for 2 hours symptoms I had 9 months ago (I’ve come along ways).

    While I slowly get more energy day after day, its very minute progress when compared to the first 3 months. I think I am maybe 96% healed or so, and I progress like .1% every few days (this is my analysis and not scientific). In other words, its a very light change for the better every day. I don’t think I will be fully healed until I quit smokings cigs and ganja.

    Here is a graph that is similar to the progress I have made so far (but it is more flattening out at the top now):

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