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    I tried doing the cleanse but only lasted about 3 days (I felt horrible). I’ve been trying to adhere to the Stage 1 diet but am having difficulty managing my blood sugar, especially when it gets low and the only thing I can think of to manage it is a sugar containing food? How can I handle this while still adhering to the diet?


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    I have been on this diet off and on for a few months now. I myself am a nurse and i find this diet a bit dangerous for diabetics. Cutting out sugars and counting carbs is very important when you have diabetes but you need to adjust this diet to maintain your blood sugar within your normal range. We all know that a sudden increase or decrease in sugar levels is very traumatic to our bodies. I would check my blood sugar multiple times throughout the day and keep a form of glucose on you in case your levels are too low. You might want to see a dietician that can help you tailor this diet. Good luck!

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