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    Hello everyone. Been reading these forums for awhile now and figured i’d finally post cause i’m trying something and i’m wondering what everyone thinks as i have to also be wary of my Kidneys.

    First i want to give a little history. From 8 to 20 years old i was on Antibodies almost all the time. I’ve been fighting this since i can remember. It will go into hiding then come back out a few years ago. Usually it’s always when i drink juice that it strikes. I rarely drink it but recently i did on top of all kinds of other foods that i forgot to stay away from.

    So, i’ve got a big overgrowth at the present time. I’m refusing to talk to my doctor about as i’ve talked to other doctors years before. So i know what to do. The last doctor before my prior doctor had his whole staff look at my infection and they made jokes. It pissed me off so i refused to ever speak to another doctor about it again. I’ll handle it on my own.

    So, i started 3 days ago with Probiotics, Echinacea, quit drinking all the Dr. Pepper and sweets. In 2 days i can already tell it’s working. Spotches are not as bad on my tongue, where i sweat a lot i have the rashes, dry skin and peeling. I drink so much water yet stay so dehydrated, sweating profusely and itching like crazy. So today has been really bad. My Kidney is killing me so bad that the pain killers i’m on has done nothing. My brain is so foggy.. It’s right at the front lobe but upper near the hairline. Just like so weird this time around. So earlier i decided that i’d feed the candida a little. I still took all the pills, water, herbal teas but during dinner i had a Dr pepper and ate a normal dinner to feed it a little.

    Since i’ve already done it, it rather sucks that i’m asking the question now. Although i do plan on 2 days on 1 day off. As the topic of my post states. I have Stage 5 CKD my kidneys are pretty much shot. I don’t want to be completly miserable from Kidneys and Candida. I’d perfer to kill the Candida as it might actually help my kidney also.

    So, what do you guys think? Is this a good way to go? Would i maybe change something i do so i don’t kill it so fast? Is a 2 day aggressive treatment 1 day feeding it a little bad? I know the stuff can get immune to what you do pretty fast. I feel though that starving it is starving it. It can’t be immune to that right? It gives my body time to adjust to the toxins it’s already trying to push out and not overloading it. Anyway, i’d love to hear what you guys thinks.

    Sorry if i rambled about anything or my post sounds weird. My mind is so fuzzy right now i can barely think straight. Thank you for your time.


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    I think you should talk to a doctor first about Candida diet or taking probiotics if you have a kidney issues
    Because i also had problems with antibiotics I started going path to recover from Candida and I’m 150 billion probiotic with florastor 250mg twice a day
    Am drinking lots of water I tell you I urinate alot but my kidneys are healthy. The
    Die off isnot easy one I think you gotta be healthy person to go thru this journey.

    Good luck

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