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    Hey there,
    I’ve been fighting candida for 9 months, tried a lot of medicine and the supplements actually made me better but once I finished the bottle, the symptoms came back.
    Its so hard this diet, I did it for 1 month last time (without the detox) and then decided to re start it and planning everything ahead with the detox.

    So, today is my Day 1 on the detox before I start the Candida Diet.
    All feedback, comments, or tips are very very appreciated!

    This is my routine that I plan to follow for 3-5 days:

    Detox shake (bentonite clay and fiber ) 3 times a day followed by a glass of pure water

    Vegetable broth 2 times a day

    Liver flush (garlic, olive oil and ginger) once a day at night plus Liver detoxifier regenerator supplement by NOW! foods


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    For fiber i use psyllium husks. And caprylic acid tablets to slowly kill the yeast.


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    Acres- my DR said they hide. You have to trick them by candida diet 3 mos then off it for 1 month. Then back on it for 3 months.

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