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    today is my first day of the candida cleanse. i’m not doing any colonics, but i’m ingesting the detox drink three times a day and the liver flush once a day. i’m eating things like raw celery, kohlrabi, cucumbers, avocados, cauliflower, and baby spinach salads with olive oil/lemon juice/salt. i’m drinking tons of water with raw ACV in it. i want to do this cleanse for 7-10 days before i start the actual diet.

    i smoked a cigarette today. only one. is that bad? i usually smoke maybe 5-10 a day. i don’t plan on continue to smoke, but i did slip.

    also, i’m going to a wedding on saturday. i really like alcohol, but i know i have to abstain. but… i did a lot of research, and it seems like vodka or gin is okay IF needed. i like to sip on shots anyway. i’m sure i’d get super drunk from the lack of food in my stomach anyway, but if i happen to indulge in a vodka/tonic on saturday, will it mess everything up?

    thanks in advance for any advice!


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    First thing to do it stop doing the cleanse part of the diet. It’s really not needed and only prolongs your treatment. As you got a wedding on Saturday and haven’t started the diet as such yet, I’d stop the clense, enjoy yourself Saturday and then start stage 1 diet on Monday. Any alcohol during the treatment is just gonna put you back to square 1 as you will be feeding the albicans. As for smoking, I myself smoke and it’s not good for your stomach anyway but smoking just 1 a day instead of ten is a positive start.



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    Ya, just put off the diet until after the wedding.

    I smoke also; the more you smoke, the more it postpones your recovery. I did the diet for 4 months and I am still not 100% (but close).

    Skip the cleanse part, it is not recommended.

    Consult a naturopathic doctor for the best plan and results.


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    raster wrote: Skip the cleanse part, it is not recommended.

    Raster keeps telling everyone that the cleanse is not recommended, but he’s dead wrong. Starting with a good detox for at least a week before the diet is an excellent way to jump-start a Candida albicans treatment. All I’ve said is to not use the cleanse recommended by this website containing psyllium husk powder which can be dangerous.

    Instead read the post titled “Proper and Safe Cleanse” dated today. Follow those guidelines instead of the site’s, and you’ll be much better off.

    Thanks, Able

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