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    Hi Candida People,

    I’m on Day 2 of the Candida Cleanse, and can see why ingesting all this liquid would require the colonic irrigation. I’m not quite willing at this point to explore that as an option, as I find it rather invasive. I do, however know that Liquid Magnesium Citrate has a similar effect. It’s not the powder but rather the Sparkling Tonic Water tasting Saline Solution that you can find in any Supermarket Health aisle or Pharmacy.

    Past experience with it has shown it to be a gentle, but thorough way of emptying out, and so I was going to try that. General Note: If you use it, make sure you are home and have several hours to spend there, as it is “thorough!” 😉 I did notice that it does have trace amounts of Sucrose in it. It doesn’t say how much, but it can’t be too much since I am familiar with it’s Tonic Water like taste.

    Any thoughts on whether I should forge ahead with the Magnesium Citrate option… Sucrose be damned? Or are there other suggestions? I know there are some teas that work, just not as well: “Get Regular”, “Smooth Move” etc.

    I’m willing to hear any suggestions or alternatives to colonic irrigation. Also if you have had colonic irrigation and are a huge fan of it, I’m open to hearing from you too.



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    Hi there. I hadnt heard of magnesium citrate. I suffered with awful constipation while on the anti fungals. Nothing could make me go.I eventually got some oxy cleanse and it works wonders in larger doses.
    I suppose it depends on how much sugar is in it but Ive read to avoid it at all costs so i wouldnt advice it. But saying that whats the alternative if you are bunged up?
    Ive done coffee enemas but they only work on the lower colon , I havent found the courage to go for a colonic because I would find that embarrasing whereas enemas you do yourself.
    I have also found that certain foods I am allowed to eat react badly with me so i would use your own discretion when using anything. If you find there are no flare up of symptoms and it benefits you then go and use it. what works for one maybe doesnt help another. x

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