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    Hello all, Im sure i have candida and i am on my second day of the candida cleanse which i am planning to do for 7 days.

    As this is not well known its hard to find some advice on what i can eat while on this cleanse.

    I am following the a 7 day cleanse on this website which is

    8:00am – Detox Drink
    10:00am .. Broth soup (see recipe)
    1:00pm …. Detox drink
    3:00pm …. Broth soup
    5:00pm …. Detox drink
    7:00pm …. Liver flush drink (see recipe)

    Now its not to bad but i am finding it really hard to feels satisfied with the broth soup as it has no flavour to me and tastes horrible.

    Its going to be hard to do this for a week when the only meal you have tastes terrible.

    My question is can anyone recommend an alternative to the soup or maybe something that would add flavour to the soup without losing the detox benefits ? i was thinking cook the soup with a grilled piece of chicken then when the soups is done remove the chicken?

    If i had a tasty meal on this detox i could go for 2 weeks.

    Thanks all


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    Sounds like option 3 might be better for you. At least you can have some beautiful veggies:)

    I put cayenne pepper in my broth to spice it up. Yes, it’s boring, but you might be surprised by how it’s not that hard to get through.

    Best of Luck!!


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    yes! garlic and cayenne make it pretty nice!

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