Candida cause of hurting chest while breathing deeply?

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    I’m on Keto diet which I’m pretty sure caused me to break-out in Candida die-off on chest and behind my ears and in my scalp (doing spit test tomorrow morning but pretty sure it’s Candida). I’ve been on the diet for 20 days now and first 10 days or so was hell but the itching has subsided but spots are still there. Not sure if it’s the anti-histamine that helps or if it’s already dying down.

    However, I now also have difficulty breathing deeply which causes my chest to hurt – my 2 doctors I went to had no idea what Keto/LCHF diet was but thanks to it I’ve been able to pin down what I’ve eaten and I am now waiting for blood results on eventual food allergy that might have caused the hives/chest issues.

    My question is, if my allergy test come back clean, could Candida be the cause of my chest pain and difficulty breathing? Can it cause allergy reaction? I have not yet mentioned Candida to my doctors (they didn’t even suggest it was that.. only got cream for itching). Maybe I should’ve waited making this post until I got allergy test results back but I would love any information meanwhile!



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    The spit test should not be used for diagnosis:


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