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    I have been suffering with vaginal problems/yeast infection symptoms for the better part of my adult life. I recently had an allergy test performed by my natural pathetic doctor and Candida showed really high on the test. I have almost all the common symptoms of Candida, so I felt pretty confident that this is what I had. My NP doctor put me on a program of probiotics and caprylic acid, along with the diet and I did seem some improvement. However, I foolishly stopped the program after a couple months, and now all the symptoms have come raging back.

    I have been back on the program now for a month, followed the detox etc. and am about to start the anti-fungals. So far I have seen no improvement. I finally went back to my medical doctor for testing because the symptoms of yeast/vaginal infection are so bad. Itching, burning, strong odour…

    She took a urine sample and a swab for yeast and bacteria. All negative.

    So I guess now I am wondering if Candida is what is actually wrong? If I had Candida, wouldn’t it show positive on a yeast swab test? Hoping someone might have some insight into this.

    Thanks so much.


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    That’s surprising. Keep us updated.

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