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    2 eggs
    1/2tsp no alcohol vanilla (or skip i dunno if im supposed to have this)
    1/3c grated zucchini
    1/3c quinoa flour (or another kind of gluten free flour)
    1/3c rice flour
    1/3c unsweetened carob chips melted
    1/2tsp stevia or 10 drops
    1/2c butter or coconut oil (to be on the safe side)

    Mix all wet ingredients, mix all dry, then mix together. put in baking pan. try to keep the layer semi-thich so it doesnt over bake into a thin cardboard peice bake 10-13 minutes @ 350 F. do not overbake.

    To sweetened it up I put some raspberries in a pan and add some fresh squeezed orange juice. If the oj is too sweet dont add it just use the rasps maybe a lil water to make it syrupy. reduce till thickened.

    You could also add a dollop of fresh whipped coconut cream
    1 can coconut milk (chilled 24 hours)drain coconut water and only use thick cream
    cold bowl
    whipp with a mixer in the bowl till thickens to a whipped cream consistency.

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