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    I was reading about DVjorge and how he cured himself, but he never mentioned anything about his immune system even after stating how candida albicans produce mannan which paralyzes the immune system.

    Has anyone read anything about ways to get your th1 immune response back or at least some kind of supplements to help boost it?

    I had suspicions that my immune system was down years ago dealing with candida. I used to have a lot of allergy type symptoms, but after my body crashed after taking antibiotics, I now have virtually no allergy response. No sneezing, no coughing, no runny nose, no congestion. I havent had a cold in 5 years, only caught the flu. Virus and candida is controlled by TH1 and bacteria is controlled by TH2 if im not mistaken.

    It seems that getting the TH1 immune response back is the cure to this nightmare but It doesnt look like there has been any medical breakthrough in this area.

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