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    Hello, I’m new, and I’m looking forward to all the advice I can get from fellow sufferers. I have candida, which I believe (and hope) has caused my bladder inflammation (I’ve been told this is IC – scary). I immediately started the candida diet, first with the cleanse, and now I am in stage 1.

    I have a unique problem, though. I am currently in South Korea. I’ll be leaving South Korea in six weeks, and I’ll be backpacking in Southeast Asia for 3 months. I was hoping that if I stuck to the candida diet strictly for the rest of my time in Korea, I would be able to travel a bit easier. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m naive about all of this, and probably overly hopeful. I figured that if I stuck with my pro-biotic regiment and stayed on anti-fungals while I travel that I could keep the candida “at bay” until I get back to North America and can take care of this. I’m so afraid that while I travel, I’ll be forced to eat noodles and other non-diet-friendly foods. I’ve been reading the forum, and a few people have suggested that falling off the diet wagon after being on it strictly will not only allow candida to flare, but it’ll make everything 10x worse. Can anyone confirm this? I could really use advice and more information. Would it be better for me to stop the diet and wait until I get back home? Also, if there is anyone with bladder inflammation as a symptom of candida, I’d love to hear from you. I feel very alone right now, and I can’t even eat some of the foods allowed for stage 1 because of the IC. Any words of wisdom I could get would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you all so much for reading,


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    Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    Your choices for food sources which would not feed the Candida while backpacking are no doubt rather slim. Baking some coconut flour bread and taking it along, eggs and hopefully some green vegetables are your best choices. For snacks I would take fine ground flax seeds and perhaps some almonds and sunflower seeds a as these normally have less mold than other types. You could also take some Granny Smith apples which normally wouldn’t be recommended during the first stage, but in your case exceptions are obviously necessary.

    To cut down on other types of foods for the Candida, take along sea salt instead of regular table salt as many times this will contain Dextrose. Check your toothpaste for sugar alcohols as this can feed the Candida just the same as regular sugar will. Avoid white distilled vinegar as well as any condiment which contains distilled vinegar.

    Since you’re not going to be able to remain on the diet during the trip, I would start an antifungal supplement to keep the infestation growth at a minimum. Oil of oregano in liquid form would seem suitable for a trip such as you’ll be taking. You may want to try and find a product by the name of Molybdenum which will cut short and lessen the severity of any die-off symptoms that you may experience from the oregano oil. I would not drink anything other than water while on the trip as well, and the more the better.

    You’ll no doubt be forced to stray from the diet while on your trip, so in this case all you can do is start all over again whenever you can. However, I don’t see how straying from the diet can cause your Candida to be 10 times worse than it was before. You may be back to where you started from, perhaps a little worse, but 10 times as bad? I doubt it, and the oregano oil may be enough to prevent it from being worse than before as well.


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